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SysiphusRock avatar 10:12 AM on 06.20.2008  (server time)
What Capcom needs to do with Biohazard

Playing through resident Evil 4: Wii Edition again reminds me how much I really love the overarcing plot of the series. From the train incident to the outbreak in Africa. I'm sure Umbrella Chronicles is a real treat for someone like me, unfortunately I haven't played it yet.

However what I really would like to see is an official Capcom released entry in the series to tie it all together. 1, 2 and 3 all took place within about a 72 hour time period in 1998 in a city in Colorado. Zero helps to shed a little light on what happens before hand, but 4 and 5 take protagonists from this time and places them in far away places years down the line. The next entry really needs to bring everyone back to a central location and take care of Umbrella once and for all.

Don't get me wrong, I think re4 is the most beautiful game ever made for the GameCube and one of the best and most fun games ever made. I have HIGH expectations for 5. Even if they didn't change much that's still fantastic gaming. Not much was solved for the "big picture" of the RE universe in 4, though. We learn Wesker and Umbrella are still extant and now have the Las Plagas sample. Aside from that, not much of lasting impact happens in Pueblo. I have the sneaking suspicion that 5 will end up the same way.

This brings me back to Capcom NEEDING to tie up loose ends, and while they're at it, make a definitive canon. Is Gaiden storyline or not? What about Dead Aim? They have a great chance at making one of the all time best storylines in video games. But if they screw around it could backfire.

Granted, 5 could end up the missing link to definitively end Umbrella but I have seen no indication of this. No appearances of Leon, Jill, Ada, Claire or anyone so far besides Chris Redfield and newer characters. I hope I'm proven wrong.

Side note: It's probably in the works, but it wouldn't hurt to make a Retrospective for RE when 5 comes out.

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