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3:18 PM on 06.26.2008

Admitting when you're wrong: Nintendo

I've been a Nintendo fanboy since my NES. I always took the SNES' side in the Genesis/SNES bit. and I had only the N64 for years. I then realized how great the PlayStation was considering Nintendo dropped the ball on RPGs and Fighting games. Quest64 and Fighters' Destiny? No thanks...

I still bought the GameCube at launch and the Wii a couple months after release. Both proved to be quality systems that held up and had games that I liked.

But the influx of SHIT from Ubisoft and now Mega Man 9? I'm ready to admit that Nintendo isn't quite for me anymore. I still will support their big titles (I only don't have Metroid Prime 3 for Wii as far as big names go) but it seems that games like Game Party and other minishits collections have more IMPORTANCE than something like Animal Crossing Wii which Ive been waiting for for years.

Don't get me wrong. I have NO problem with these titles selling and making Nintendo money. This is a business after all. I'm just disappointed and hurt that my Jappy game fix is coming from the Xbox 360. Considering how I was against the original Xbox and still think it a disappointment itself.

Ubisoft admits to creating trash to sell on the Wii and Capcom's "Mega Man 9" is a slap in the face to people who, like me, have beenw aiting for Mega Man 9 to make a big splash in today's gaming market. But I mean LOOK at it. They're making it look a certain way just to do so. I'd rather they spend the time and money to update it to AT LEAST Mega Man ZX standards as opposed to having this silly gimmick of making it look like Mega Man V. The only thing I'm looking forward to from Capcom is Biohazard 5, because Street Fighter IV can suck my fucking balls. I'll make a separate entry for that in the future maybe.

I support Nintendo as a company, but I'm really quite hurt at how lazy their developing schedule is. I want a good Mega Man 9 from them and Capcom, not this shit. I want Animal Crossing. I wouldn't mind a new Pikmin. And I'd like a Mario that was less mission-based, and more about getting from point A to point B.

Any other kids of the 80's/90's in the same boat as me?   read

12:12 PM on 06.22.2008

The start of then affair: SNK's God Slayer: Sonata of the Far-Away Sky, aka Crystalis

Christmas morning, 1991. I was 3 years old and had no idea my life was about to be changed forever. I woke up, excited to see what Santa had brought me. I walked into the living room and there was an NES set up on our 32 inch television. I was so incredibly happy. Looking through the games, (they were hand-me-downs from my aunt and uncle, but I didn't care, hell I was so grateful to them) I saw Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt , R.C. Pro-AM, some other games, but one that stood out to me was this:

"A MONSTER GAME!" I exclaimed. I could read up to about a kindergarten level, but the font and word itself escaped me. Couldn't read the title but I asked my mom what it said and she answered, "Crystalis." I knew there was something special about this game.

Most people think of God Slayer as a "Zelda-clone." Well, kind of. If by "clone" you mean "1ups the previous game on every conceivable facet." Then sure. Bird's eye perspective, fighting monsters with swords. But what set this game apart was the great story, the cool items, the characters, and the level system. This was my first exposure to leveling up and it changed the way I thought about video games. Previously, levels were all about going from one place to the next, e.g. the classic Super Mario Bros. This level up system was something totally new to my toddler mind and I adored it. Fight monsters got you something besides meaningless points. It got you experience to make you stronger to fight new monsters. Amazing.

The story was incredibly deep considering my exposure to video game stories.

"1997, October 1, The END DAY. Savage wars engulfed the world. Civilization is destroyed. An evolution had taken place. The Earth's axis shifted and all the creatures became mutated. Life would never be the same. Those surviving vowed not to repeat their mistakes of the past and erected a great tower in the sky to oppress evil forever."

In the game you start off in a cavern, waking up from a century-long cryogenic slumber. You are a young scientist destined to save the world from an evil empire that has taken hold of the world in its weakened, yet magically strengthened state, Draygonia. From town to town, dungeon to dungeon, you help people, fight monsters, and collect the four elemental swords (Wind, Fire, Water, Lightning, in that order) to combine them and create the sword of Crystalis, the only weapon capable of vanquishing Draygon, the Emperor of Draygonia.

Sure, not exactly earth-shattering literature but to a 3 year old American boy it was FUCKING AWESOME. The graphics weren't 100% fantastic but theyw ere bright, colorful and conveyed moody atmosphere in so many places. The music was to die for. And the controls were spot-on. Move around, sword slash with B, hold B for 1, 2 or 3rd level energy attack, and A was a specified item you equipped. Rabbit boots for jumping, a gas mask tos urvive the poisonous swamp, healing plants, and of course your magic spells. Flight, replenish, teleport, etc.

In 2000 SNK licensed this wonderful game out to some company to make a port on the GameBoy Color. It was awful. They toned down the implications of the story and turned it into a generic fantasy tale. Gone was the mesh of machine and magic, and in its place was a typical tale of good guy vs. monsters. The screen on the GBC didn't allow for the size/resolution of the original, so dungeons seemed twice as cramped and it was incredibly hard to fight. The colors were washed out. The music was god awful. And the cool crystal font was replaced with this shit:

I hated it and the insult it was to the original. It was also significantly easier. Items were easier to get and monsters no longer had sword-element immunities. Taking ALOT of the strategy out of the game. *sigh*

I would love to see a Wii-remake for this. Holding back the remote for charging the energy blasts, swing the remote for sword slashes. And hell, add in some more stuff. Like running, etc. Of course SNK Playmore is too busy with fighting games (which I ahve NO complaints about) to do something like that, but in a way I guess Im glad there was only the gbc remake. It was forgetable leaving the cult classic original to stand for all time as a wonderful game.

Side-note: Didn't beat the game til I was 9.   read

10:12 AM on 06.20.2008

What Capcom needs to do with Biohazard

Playing through resident Evil 4: Wii Edition again reminds me how much I really love the overarcing plot of the series. From the train incident to the outbreak in Africa. I'm sure Umbrella Chronicles is a real treat for someone like me, unfortunately I haven't played it yet.

However what I really would like to see is an official Capcom released entry in the series to tie it all together. 1, 2 and 3 all took place within about a 72 hour time period in 1998 in a city in Colorado. Zero helps to shed a little light on what happens before hand, but 4 and 5 take protagonists from this time and places them in far away places years down the line. The next entry really needs to bring everyone back to a central location and take care of Umbrella once and for all.

Don't get me wrong, I think re4 is the most beautiful game ever made for the GameCube and one of the best and most fun games ever made. I have HIGH expectations for 5. Even if they didn't change much that's still fantastic gaming. Not much was solved for the "big picture" of the RE universe in 4, though. We learn Wesker and Umbrella are still extant and now have the Las Plagas sample. Aside from that, not much of lasting impact happens in Pueblo. I have the sneaking suspicion that 5 will end up the same way.

This brings me back to Capcom NEEDING to tie up loose ends, and while they're at it, make a definitive canon. Is Gaiden storyline or not? What about Dead Aim? They have a great chance at making one of the all time best storylines in video games. But if they screw around it could backfire.

Granted, 5 could end up the missing link to definitively end Umbrella but I have seen no indication of this. No appearances of Leon, Jill, Ada, Claire or anyone so far besides Chris Redfield and newer characters. I hope I'm proven wrong.

Side note: It's probably in the works, but it wouldn't hurt to make a Retrospective for RE when 5 comes out.   read

8:01 AM on 06.17.2008

Noobtastic Combo +1700

Directed to Dtoid by an estranged friend on stickam. Seems a much nicer, dare I say... gamier.. place than what I'm used to. And by "what I'm used to" I mean I was banned from Kotaku for calling Tomanobu Itagaki exactly what he is: an idiot. Trash. Ridiculous. Typical "tries too hard to be cool" asshole. Silly Kotaku's admins. It's hilarious how much they ban people considering you have to submit a motherfucking essay on WHY you should be able to join. Methinks its less for quality control and more about ego.

Glad I adopted the Xbox 360 much sooner than the Xbox. I got my Xbox 5 months before my 360 which I got 16 months after its release. Tons o' jRPGs to attempt to gain control of SOME territory in the gaming industry of Japan. And that's good news for silly Americans like me. Good American AND Japanese software on a console. It's the Super Nintendo/Famicom of my early 20's. With PS3 of course being a Mega Drive/Genesis with the 32X AND CD add-ons. Good thing itll at least last longer than that poor abomination of a console. And just to give it a place, Wii is the.. hell I don't know. The Game Boy. That's about the level I place the Wii the same level as awesome handhelds, only you play it on your TV. For full-on consoles its 360 and PS3. Hopefully I can get enough for the MGS4 bundle before the 80 gigs disappear.

AND just got a new HD tv. Mhm. I barely notice the difference but hey at least Dead Rising has LEGIBLE text now!! Hence, why I'm playing it.

Somehow I seemed to have kicked up my Rep all the way 100% with 2 hours of playing GTA online. Suddenly the rep seems useless if I can get that good of ratings in 2 hours. When I played many a hour online in DOA4 and didnt get a single rep.

Playing NOW: Dead Rising   read

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