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Swizzler121 avatar 9:39 AM on 11.18.2008  (server time)
My Left 4 Dead experience

*warning, includes extremely mild spoilers*

Last Night was a big night, huh? Most of you won't be reading this now because your either crashing, or still chowing down on the fresh flesh that is Left 4 Dead. I like many got a chance to play the demo (PC Version) and I had played it enough to memorize the first parts of the No Mercy campaign, or so I thought. We emerged out of the basement to hear a witch crying, "WAIT! sometimes they stick her in that base" I cry, stopping the others from running toward the minigun. I crouch down low, and slowly approach the base while the others wait nearby, sure enough, she is sitting on one of the beams over the hole to the basement. I tell everyone to get ready and toss a Molotov in the room, I had this game DOWN! We finish off the horde, and head upstairs, glad to be at the end, I head in the room and turn around "wait... this isn't the end!" i say in confusion, the others reply equally confused. "but this is where it ended before!" Ah, the director had us right where he wanted us! We were now tossed into an unfamiliar area with no warning, and the director was just getting started. We cautiously continue down the unfamiliar hallway killing a boomer hiding in one of the rooms, I hear a low growl and announce "Hunter ahead" Zoey heads into the next room, only to find something much bigger than a hunter! She flies out of the room and hits the wall on the other side of the hallway, the rest of us turn to run, but it was too late, we were pounded to the ground in mere seconds, doomed to start our quest once again.

After getting pounded again and again by the zombie assassins out to do the directors bidding, I decided to try the versus mode that many game bloggers had already had a chance at. It being the mode that had originally raised most of the hype for the game, I knew I was going to have a good time. Surprisingly as a survivor it felt extremely similar to the normal campaign you had the same objective; to get to the end safehouse without dying and that was it, there was no time limit and no new rules, the only difference is that you aren't facing an evil computer anymore, you are facing four humans and an army of the infected challenged with the task of stopping you, as soon as possible. Playing as the zombie side was twice as fun as trying to defeat the zombies, but you are not in complete control, as the director chooses what you will become, when the tank shows up, and where the witch is placed, but even due to these inconveniences there is no super zed that's not "fun" to play.

overall this game is a new experience that should keep me entertained for a while. And I can't wait to check out some of the other maps included and in the coming months all the custom maps and mods, that I know are being worked on as we speak.

Swizzler, --out

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