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There's really not much to say about me. I love video games. If you're reading this, I assume you do too! My favorite game of all time is Half-Life 2, with Half-Life being in a close second. My gaming platform of choice would be either PC or 360 (depends on the game).

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2013 has been a great year for gaming. Between new consoles, and great games capping off the last consoles, there's a lot to talk about. So instead of going over everything from this year, I'm going to go over my top five of 2013 (that I played). So without further ado, let's get to my personal best of 2013!

5. Pokemon X/Y

I bought a 3DS XL mainly because I wanted Pokemon X/Y. I've played every Pokemon in the series to date, minus the original Gold and Silver on GBC, so I was more than excited for X/Y. However, what I didn't expect, was how fresh it felt. The last few generations of Pokemon felt stale to me, and I had a fear that this one was going to as well. However, I ended up enjoying every minute of it. From the awesome new graphical style to the catchy soundtrack, Pokemon X/Y was a huge surprise to me, and is one of my favorite Pokemon games of all time.

4. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

I bought Ni No Kuni after Max Scoville's review over at Rev3Games. He had originally turned me on to the movie My Neighbor Totoro, and later other Studio Ghibli films, and seeing how much he enjoyed the game made me interested. I freaking loved it. From beginning to end, the game was immensely charming, and it made me feel like a kid again. To top it off, the game had a beautiful soundtrack that really fit the mood of the game. It's a great game, and really opened me up to more of Studio Ghibli's excellent movies.

3. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

A few years back, the stealth action game Metal Gear Solid: Rising was re-announced at the Spike VGA's as an action hack and slash game called Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. People were quick to hate on the new style. I, however, had faith that it was going to be a good game. My faith was rewarded. Metal Gear Rising didn't have the best story this year, but damnit, it was fun. Who knew that cutting enemies into tiny little pieces would have been so enjoyable? I've played through the game multiple times, yet I keep wanting to go back and play more. A great addition to the already great Metal Gear series.

2. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

I've never been much of an MMO guy. The first MMO I played was Final Fantasy XI way back when it launced in the US ten years ago. I loved it, and it remained my favorite MMO ever, even after playing World of Warcraft for a few years. However, one game managed to take the top spot of favorite MMO from FFXI: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. I was originally excited for Final Fantasy XIV back when it originally launched, since I loved Final Fantasy XI so much. The original incarnation of the game, however, turned out to be a flop. I played it during the public beta, weeks before it launched, and it was awful. Fast forward to 2013. Square Enix had spent years rebuilding the game from the ground up, and in my opinion, it paid off. It's hard to explain why I love this game so much. Maybe it's because of the world that has me interested in what's going on in all corners of it. Or the amount of polish the game has. I've spent more hours playing this game than all the other games on this list combined, and it's only been out since August. That's saying something.

1. The Last of Us

The Last of Us wasn't on my radar until around release time for the game. I wasn't a big fan of the developer's previous games, Uncharted, and I thought that this was going to be more of the same. I was wrong. Very wrong. The gameplay was very immersive, giving you limited ammo and supplies, the voice acting was some of the best I've ever seen in a game, and the story was perfect. I honestly can't think of one thing I didn't like about The Last of Us. This game really makes me look forward to what other non Uncharted games Naughty Dog has up their sleeves.

And that's it! It was hard to pick just five, but I did it. What were some of your favorite games of 2013?
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A few days ago I got a DM from Dtoider BBats asking for my address. Knowing BBats to be a rad dude who wouldn't send me an envelope full of poisons or cucumbers, I gave it to him. Today I opened my mailbox and found the above package inside, sealed with Rock and Roll Tape. Inside were some rad little treasures! Here's the haul!

First off, there were a couple Abaranger mini figures! One of Abare Red in his powered up mode!

Second was Abare Blue, holding his shield!

On top of those guys, there was also a business card for BBats' Minute Happy Hour YouTube channel. Plus a love note from him. Finally, my favorite piece because it made me laugh so much, a bungee cord with a note that reads "Helpful!" on it.

I put the mini figures up with the rest of my Sentai (and one Kamen Rider) figures and stuff. I think they're going to fit in well.

Thanks a lot BBats! I appreciate it a ton! <3<3<3
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Greetings friends, enemies, and George Clooney, for some reason. I'm here to announce something that may not have been signal boosted to as many people as possible. Anyway, after repeated requests to do so, the TF2 server has moved to a new location. What does this mean? Well a number of things.

1) New server IP - This is most likely the most important part. Due to the move changing servers, the IP has changed. So if you have the old one in your favorites, remove it. The new IP is as follows. Be sure to add this to your favorites!

2) Better pings for the East Coast - Those of you connecting from the East Coast, as well as the UK, should be getting a better ping on the server. Originally, the server was located on the West Coast, in Seattle. The move changed the location to Dallas, Texas, closer to all y'all. The West Coast will receive a slightly increased ping, but so far it's been barely noticeable.

We have been experiencing some issues with the server since last week, which caused me to move the server, yet I'm still having problems. I'm currently working with it, but right now everything appears to be working better. We're having issues installing updates at times, the other admins are unable to login to update the server, and a few other things. Needless to say, I'm working to have everything working better, and am hoping to have stuff running fine again by this Friday Night Fights.

Last thing to note is that Steam has currently released a beta for a new distribution system called Steampipe. The problem is the server isn't set for Steampipe yet, and the users in the beta haven't been notified that they've been updated to Steampipe (or they're not paying attention to changelogs). If you are in the Steampipe beta, you cannot join the server. You will see an error of the server being out of date. If I say the server is currently up to date, then the server is up to date, and you are in the Steampipe beta. However, this is only temporary, as Valve plans to release Steampipe this Tuesday. This may cause a hiccup this TF2sday, but I hope it won't be a huge pain in the ass. We'll see.

Edit: Looks like Valve has released an update to let everyone in Steampipe play on non-Steampipe servers, and vice versa.

Tomorrow I'm going to be wiping the server clean and re-adding some stuff, as well as adding new content. This is where I'd like to hear from you. What would you like to see added to the server? Hit me up with maps, game modes, Sourcemod plugins, and more. If I like it, I'll add it at least to try out.

That that about cuts it. Thanks for reading, thanks for playing, and thanks for caring (I think).

6:54 PM on 02.13.2013

Right now I'm coming down from a wave of anger. Anger that I experienced thanks to the pile of crap that is Aliens: Colonial Marines. I've only played the first ten minutes of the game, and after I killed my first Xenomorph, one of space's deadliest creatures, as it just stood there, I could tell that the game was a waste of my money and my time. The thing is, this isn't why I'm angry. I'm angry at all of the parties involved with this game. Not because it's shit, but because they won't own up and admit that they produced and published a whopping turd.

Yesterday, as reviews started going up, revealing to everyone that Colonial Marines was in fact garbage, accusations started flying and fingers started pointing. Gearbox claimed that they outsourced most of campaign to another studio so they could focus more on Borderlands 2 and the multiplayer for Colonial Marines. However, Sega is claiming this is a lie, and that Gearbox did most of the work, and the other involved studio, TimeGate, merely helped with the game. How about this? Instead of slinging lies and accusations at each other, why not just own up to your mistakes? Sega, you invested money and got a sorry excuse for a game in return. Investing goes that way sometimes. Gearbox, just own up to the fact that you made a bad game. It doesn't matter what TimeGate or anyone else did, you're still the lead development studio of the game, so you're the one responsible for making sure the game doesn't dirty your now dwindling reputation.

Think of it this way: If I were to write a paper for school with my name plain as day on it, stating that I'm the main person who wrote the paper, and got an F? Well, that's a failure. What if I then say to my teacher "An F? But other people helped!" Guess what? It would still be an F. A failure is a failure, and it doesn't matter whose fault it is. If you're involved with it, and your name is there for everyone to see, the only person at fault is you.

Blaming and finger pointing has been an up and coming trend in the gaming industry the past couple years. EA blaming used games for poor sales, instead of inflated budgets and sales expectations. Cliffy B blaming the games industry for horror games not having a huge place in mainstream gaming today. Ubisoft blaming pirates for their awful PC DRM that hurt their customers more than the people they were trying to combat. Many of the studios and publishers won't admit that they made a mistake, and instead try to blame anyone but themselves.

Studios and publishers, stop pointing those fingers at others, and instead point them at yourselves. If you keep blaming everyone but yourself for your mistakes, you're just going to keep making the same mistakes and end up bankrupt. All because you couldn't admit your own faults. One of the biggest steps to success is being able to admit your failure. If you can't do that, then you will never succeed.
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Halloween is tomorrow! To celebrate, the map rotation tonight will be only Halloween maps! 2spooky4u. Sorry there's not more here. I'm busy getting the server together, and I didn't expect to have to write this, but I guess Spencer is drowning his sorrows.

So join us, won't you?

Port: 27015

Early Match
Time: 8 PM EST

Late Match
Time: 12 AM EST


If you have any suggestions for next week's match, sound off below! Also, we'd love to recap this week's events during next week's post, so take lots of screenshots and email them to spencer[@]destructoid.com!

Special thanks to me for streaming the session over on Streamtoid, and me for being freaking awesome.

Greetings Dtoiders! Spencer is away working or something (does he work?), so I'm writing the TF2sday post on the cblogs.

If you played with us last week, you may remember us playing the Halloween maps, and having them crash when a boss was about to spawn. Well today I installed a SourceMod plugin that will hopefully fix the issue. We'll be killing the Headless Horseman and Monoculous in no time! And, if for whatever reason this plugin crashes the server again... whoops. Hopefully it'll work though. The bosses will only spawn when there's 10+ players on the server, so we'll test it tonight!

And if you're going to skip out on us and play Dishonored, Xcom, Retro City Rampage, The Walking Dead, or Borderlands 2, FINE! BE THAT WAY! MEANNIES!

Port: 27015

Early Match
Time: 8 PM EST

Late Match
Time: 12 AM EST


If you have any suggestions for next week's match, sound off below! Also, we'd love to recap this week's events during next week's post, so take lots of screenshots and email them to spencer[@]destructoid.com!

Special thanks to me for streaming the session over on Streamtoid, and me for being freaking awesome.