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Swishiee avatar 12:28 AM on 09.19.2011  (server time)
Minecraft: Stuff I've Been Building

So recently I've gotten myself back into Minecraft. I seem to go through phases with the game. I'll play it religiously for two weeks, then not play for several months, repeat. With the 1.8 patch, my friends and I started up a small server and went to work. In 1.8, you can now use Creative Mode, which makes you invincible, lets you fly, and gives you unlimited resources for whatever you want. So, like the name implies, we got creative. Here's some screenshots of stuff I've done.

This is the house I built for myself. My friends started building a small town near the spawn point, but I went out and found a cool place sort of away from their town.

This is the first floor. It has a bunch of chests for storage, and a couple crafting tables and furnaces. It's mainly an area for crafting. Near the stairs there's a trap door that has an underground tunnel that leads to... underwater glass room. I didn't really know what to make with this, but I thought it was rad. Whenever I'm showing it to people, I tell them it's where I sex the ladies. BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT I DO.

The second floor has a bunch of beds and chests, for if friends want to stay over. Mainly for when we turn Survival back on. There's also a chest with armor and weapons for people.

The third floor is my personal room, however there's not much up there. I made a "couch" out of wood, and I have a bed. And that's mainly it. There is a sweet balcony outside.

The final floor, the roof. Nothing much up here, but you can see quite a bit from up here. I may build the house even higher and bigger just for the hell of it, but for now I'm happy with what it's at.

This is my pool that I actually just made today. It has a gate surrounding it just because. One of my friends put a "Pool's Closed" sign outside. I just left it there.

I made a patio area by the pool, with a furnace to cook meat in. The chest next to it has coal to fuel the stove, and meat to cook. Again, mainly for roleplay and vanity, but can come in handy now that you need to eat in Survival.

There's a large body of water on the other side of my house where I built a dock. I have a couple boats there, but just in case they get away (which they like to do), I have a chest with more boats. The water also connects to the small town my friends built.

Also new to 1.8 is the ability to make mushrooms giant with bonemeal. I made a mushroom village. It's rad.

I put glowstone inside the mushrooms and I thought the lighting they give off at night looks super awesome.

I built a random bridge that connected to one of the roads near my friends' town. After I built the mushroom village I just extended the paths to go there.

An aerial view of my house at night.

This is the view from the deck of my house. Where in the distance you can see...

Mr. Destructoid! This guy was a bitch to make, because I used lava for the eyes. I kept accidentally catching the whole thing on fire. But in the end I was able to stop the fires from starting, and he prominently watches over my house.

And that's it! I've never been good at making cool looking stuff in Minecraft, but I think I'm finally starting to get there. I may post some more pictures at a later time if I make more rad stuff. I just wanted to share what I've been working on. Hope you all like it!

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