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Swishiee avatar 9:53 PM on 10.05.2011  (server time)
Mario saves the Princess in World 1-4 (Or Does He?)

Now, okay. Do keep in mind that this is only slightly above "Zelda kidnapping", in terms of kidnappings that seem to happen on a weekly basis. But happy to say, it looks like the princess will be rescued earlier than usual.

Let's back up for a moment. Recently I sat down with a Nintendo visionary to play Super Mario Bros. The part of the game I played was further in than the demos found at lots of the trade shows recently. Instead of World 1-1, I got to play through World 1-2. The level was much different compared to what we've already seen. It takes place underground. The music really sets the tone for your location.

Before I go further, let me say that I loved the controls of Mario. If you press the A button, Mario will jump. If he's big he'll break bricks when he hits his head against them. If you hold the B button, he'll run while you move. Additionally he'll throw a fireball if he's under the aid of a fire flower. The way Mario moves is very fluid and feels much better than what you've seen in previous platforming games.

After mastering the controls, I was able to make it through 1-2 as well as 1-3. At the end of 1-3 you walk into a very large castle compared to the small ones Mario would enter in the other levels. Upon entering I came to find lava in pits and perils at every turn. The farther to the right I went, the more I'd find myself under fire from fireballs. It was then when I found him. King Koopa. He was jumping around and shooting fire at me. Timing it right, I was able to run under him and grab an axe that cut the bridge out from under him, sending him into the fire.

Bowser was surely defeated. The Princess was surely near, ready to be rescued. It was to my surprise to find one of her aides, Toad, standing there. As Mario approached him, he said "Thank you Mario! But the Princess is in another castle." The princess would, indeed, be in another castle.

Super Mario Bros. is looking like it's going to be one hell of a game. Shigeru wouldn't tell me how many levels are in the game, but with the first four levels down, it seems as if the game is going to be quite large and have lots of content.

Will Mario end up saving the princess? Only time will tell...

(Props goes to Yamagato333's cblog for inspiring this post)

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