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11:07 PM on 09.08.2011

Mirror's Edge by DICE was, in my opinion, a pretty awesome game. It was nice to see DICE depart from Battlefield and try something different. Even today some games have emulated the use of parkour, but none have gone as extreme as Mirror's Edge.

When the game was being promoted, the developers stated several times that you could complete the game without shooting a single enemy. So when I played through the game that was my goal. I wanted that achievement. There were a few parts that were frustrating because of my lack of guns, but overall it wasn't bad. I'd just retry a couple times, pass it, and move on. However, there was one part that will live in infamy for me: The final room.

The last few areas have Faith running around inside a building, so space was cramped. Especially when there were several enemies. But the last room... I still get angry just thinking about it. The room was a pretty large and open room, with cubicles in between a couple paths. If I remember correctly there were two enemies that you encounter in the first part of the room, and three or five in the second part. The first couple were fairly easy to dispatch. But the second part of the room was trickier.

Two of the enemies were around the corner, and up the stairs on a slightly higher platform, and there was one with a heavy machine gun in the middle of that platform. And right in the middle there was the stairway to the roof of the building. The two guards on the side were somewhat tricky. My strategy was to walk up to them and have them chase me down, where I'd hit them as they'd come around the corner. However, the guy in the middle was a complete asshole.

He would just sit up there and fire his machine gun. That's all he did. You could try to get him to move, but he wouldn't budge. It was like his feet were cemented to the floor and his machine gun had unlimited ammo. As soon as he saw you from across the room he'd start firing non-stop. It was kind of annoying at first, because he was killing me from across the room with his other buddies up on the higher platform. But shortly after I found that it was easier to avoid their fire by taking a route that went a little further around. But once I'd come to the unavoidable faceoff with him, things took a major turn for the worse.

I made my way through that room over and over and over again. I'm fine with having to repeat a hard section of a game of a few times, but this was getting ridiculous. I would run up, knock out the guards by him, and then run at him. I tried so many different angles to avoid his bullts. Wall running. Rolling. Jumping. Everything Faith had to offer, I used against him. And I could not do it. I lost count how many times I repeated that section of the game. I estimate it was around fifty, and I don't believe I'm exaggerating with that number. It was making me furious. I was yelling, screaming, and even throwing my controller. How I didn't end up with a broken controller was beyond me. I even contemplated picking up a gun and just shooting the fucker, wasting my chance at getting the achievement. I knew I was close to the end of the game, and that kept me on track. I was determined earn a stupid, worthless achievement.

After countless tries I finally managed to take him down. I don't even remember how I did it. I just remember taking him down, and being relieved that I did it. He was the last enemy to take down in that room. He killed me repeatedly. And by chance I was able to run up to him and knock him out. After I took in my moment of victory, I walked up the stairs he was guarding and finished the game. Hours of trying, and I was only seconds away from beating the game.

I was happy I got the achievement. If there was any reason I didn't get the achievement, other than purposefully using guns, I probably would have broken the game disc in two and cursed DICE for all eternity. So the moral of the story is: If you're playing Mirror's Edge, and you don't give a damn about an achievement, USE GUNS.
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