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Swiftly Bearded avatar 7:57 AM on 11.06.2013  (server time)
Titanfall Worries

I don't play a lot of first person shooters.  I haven't played Call of Duty since the first one.  I haven't played Halo since the first one.  I haven't touched online multiplayer in either of them.  Yet I enjoyed the hell out of the Bioshock series.  My point is that my experience with multiplayer shooters is very limited.  I pre-ordered and paid off Titanfall.  Why would I do this, since it is an online focused shooter?  Because it looks like a hell of a lot of fun, it looks different.  I like anything unique, regardless of genre.

What's not to love about ripping someone out of their Titan?

But, with yesterday's revelations about the framerate problems that are plaguing CoD: Ghosts on even the PC version, now I'm worried that Infinity Ward is going to drop the ball.  Yes, I know Titanfall won all sorts of awards.  Yes, I know Microsoft has their hand directly in it.  I also know that they're going to really be on them to make the best game they can because they've paraded it about like a prized pig at a local fair.  I still can't help but worry.

Really, will you?

That said, I have a nice clean and new Xbox Gold account just ready to go.  I would love to game with my fellow Dtoiders so do please send me a friend invite on Live so long as you're not an annoying little bastard.  Don't be one of those.  Other than that everyone is welcome.  I don't care how old you are, I don't care about your conditions (you could have Tourette's, that's cool with me), I don't care about your skin color, nor your sexual preferences.  I just want to have fun with cool people and I know there are a lot of those around here.  Check my side-bar for an ever updating list of games I'll be willing to play online and let's have some fun because, hell, we deserve it.

EDIT: It appears I'm two cups of coffee short this morning and my worries about them screwing up are completely for naught as Titanfall is being handled by Respawn and not Infinity Ward.  Forgive my moment of stupid, but I still have concerns that they'll have issues.

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