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Sweatmode's blog

9:32 AM on 02.19.2012

quick catch up

Good morning World..... it's sunday and im up because i couldnt get any sleep.... Last night i turned on unity and been trying stuff out....It's driving me crazy not understanding this program..... Guess i will talk to my class mates about again... Been researching like crazy cant wait to bring in the info i collected. My week was pretty smooth, researched mobile gaming industry daily, played with unity, brought a new xbox 360 with a free copy of UFC 3.... and spent time with my pregnant wife..... 3 more months baby..... well today i have a few test then bacl to unity and also figuring out the best website host availible   read

8:19 AM on 02.14.2012

Alot to do Not enough time....

Hello world.... yes im back but this time i've been a bussy body.
I must admit I knew juggling my new career venture and my rap career would be hard but Dam...
Well i havnt been able to much school work due to a tight tour schedule and Im pissed because i feel im letting my team and company down. What should i do? Well for the past week and a half i have been to many small cities doing my rap thing and hey it pays the bills.... Greenbay, Wausau, appleton, rockford, steven's Point We Love you... Loot Me Musik had a ball in your cities...

Now back to my career.... I really need help learning this Unity Engine or any engine.... i know some people catch things on but im a hands on person and could really use some help.... Somehting i need to bring up in class..... Also this research thing is pretty tedious, But i got alot done as i reveiwed and verified a few things for Obscure Fish.... I also am in process of getting a web page started as well as get some promo adds done......

So sometime i feel like mary j blidge and really need another hour and another day 25/8

So much to do not enough time...... AHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......   read

8:10 AM on 02.08.2012

Today starting off well

Today 2/8/2012 has started off pretty well.... my prego wife woke me up to delicious breakfast, and i got a new job offer... thank the lord... Up and off to my great VICOM class with my great Obscure Fish Studios buddies.............

More to come later.....   read

6:53 PM on 02.02.2012

my day

Today I went to MATC to use Computer lab to search on a few things and get some research done for our policy and Procedures manual.

I finish the Policy and procedures manual after tons of searching the internet.... I believe it is as close to perfect as it can be with my limited experience.

Joined Skype Conference @ 6:28 p.m. with others from my VICOM class and discuss what we done.....   read

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