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Sweatmode avatar 8:30 AM on 10.22.2012  (server time)
Im Back....

Hello Friends and Fans, Its been a very long time since i decided to bless you guys with any info about me and my company. There is alot to say but really not up for the challenge today, Sorry but I've been going threw alot lately family wise and just aint up for explaining everything, So with all that said here we go.

Second year of class started in Aug. 2012 and I must admit i'm very excited about being back with my boys. We shelved Obscure Whirl for now. I was upset about this but I must move on. Anyway we have decided to start a new fresh IP Code Name - 36 Chambers. I'm sure your first thought was Wu-Tang as mine was also but no no no. We are making a side scroller ninja platformer.

Let's See how this goes.

The Next week I met my new team or should i say my Old/New team. This semester we join forces with the team we beat. At first thought i was not interested in joining a losing team, but after meeting them and getting to know them I very excited to see what they have to offer. Brief introduction were made and now all the pleasentries are behind us, We are focus and ready. Working on Bio's and more for the Company.

Today i was late wooohoo and was demoted from Sound Lead to protege, With all my music experience I have to say I'm a bit hurt but ill manage. My boy Karryeon taking on the load. Hope this all work out.

Today My Boy Karryeon Left the program so I'm all alone there's nobody beside me - in my donkey voice (shrek) But i have been scrambling to get the sound up to par. After many many hours to catch up i believe i have some very cool sounds for are game. must pass them on to mike and see what he thinks. But hey i got my job back now time to show everyone why i deserve to be the Lead.....

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