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Subenu avatar 10:42 AM on 07.19.2011  (server time)
Dear videogame industry, we need to talk...

You keep on disappointing me! Not everyone in the industry, mind you, but a select few that make me feel sad on a regular basis create a feeling of distrust and dislike for you as an industry. Maybe I should explain to my dear readers why that is... I'll try to keep this short.

Nintendo's behavior

I have said this several times already, but I think I can say it again, with newly gained trust behind my words: I don't get Nintendo! So, Reggie comes on stage during E3 saying that they'll do everything to get the Hardcore gamers back. Heck, when didn't they make that promise, actually? A few weeks later, there's this Operation Rainfall campaign, so that the Wii can be more than some Netflix-box or an overprized paperweight. I live in Europe, so I shouldn't actually care about this, but still, I think Nintendo's behavior just downright sucks when it comes to releasing games. If that is your attitude when it comes to localization, don't be such dicks and make your consoles AND handhelds region locked! You're just begging hackers to take your systems apart!

And I still want my Fatal Frame 4!

Don't get me started on the 3DS either. Say what you want about the system, it just wasn't ready when it was kicked out of the door! No e-shop, almost no games worth mentioning in the first few months... heck, if you take away the Nintendo-64 ports, it's actually worse than the initial Nintendo DS library! The 3DS is running on ports right now: Street Fighter 4, Dead or Alive, Ocarina of time, Starfox... where are the original games? WHERE?

Sale-figures or 'What the heck are people buying??'

Duke Nukem Forever sold 700k units up until now. Shadows of the Damned 60k. Don't get me started on No More Heroes for the PS3, which is out in Japan and Europe. I'm just wondering what kind of logic operates here. Because, at the moment, I think people want Duke Nukem Forever 2 and Goichi Suda to be a homeless bum. Is 'Quality Control' something that really exists? Or is it just a myth, that you choose what games will be produced by choosing which games to buy right now? I heard a lot of people disliked Duke Nukem Forever and liked Shadows of the Damned. What is going on here? Speaking of games being produced...

Mega Man Legend 3 cancelled...

and you know what's the sad part about this? The Dev team that worked on that will probably move on to make another Resident Evil or Street Fighter game. Because there aren't enough of those and they aren't totally stagnant by now! It's not only that, but also the fact that after all these months of teasing us and involving fans in the development process, the game just gets canned. What kind of relationship do you have with you fanbase? One coming straight from your local S/M-Club I'd assume...

In Conclusion...

The industry makes me sad, because it constantly disappoints me in so many ways. There are a lot of decisions being taken that don't make much sense or just show that an industry that brought so much magic into my childhood actually just is a huge, money-making machine, run by people who don't really get their target audience...

Also, cocks!

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