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Surf314's blog

10:23 PM on 04.06.2008

GlaDOS is free: great writeup and picture that just blew my mind.

I promise not to make this a habit but I got another link for y'all. I don't even want to paraphrase or add anything because I think this guy nailed it so well and I don't want to take anything away from him. Here's the link Enjoy   read

11:16 AM on 04.05.2008

Burn the rope, great flash game or greatest flash game

It's a little difficult but it's worth beating. Make sure you stick around for the ending song, it makes the boss battle at the end worth it. Link So now that your back what did you think? Too challenging? Did you get to burn the rope? What are you doing the rest of the day? Maybe watching a video...or are you gonna play it again?   read

6:22 PM on 04.04.2008

Surflocke Investigates: The death of traditional JRPGs. Lost Odyssey did it.

No Surflocke Holmes comic book excerpts unfortunately as Iím currently writing the actual comic book. Please except this lolcat instead. Well itís finally happened, someone killed traditional JRPGs. The culprit is none o...   read

11:27 AM on 04.04.2008

I'm Wocky Kitaki and I'll eat your Pocky, Bizzzoooyyy

I started playing Apollo Justice on a bus to miami and only really got through the first case. I've been playing the second case and man did it take a turn for the wierd. The first case was standard Phoenix Wright stuff b...   read

12:24 PM on 04.03.2008

Some Gamers are just F'wads: A great article on online gaming problems and possible solutions

First off link This is a great article from Gamasutra, and while I haven't read all of it what I have read is pretty important to read for gamers. A lot of the beginning stuff is pretty much captain obvious material for mos...   read

11:30 AM on 04.02.2008

Calling all music/TF2 geeks, soundtrack mind teaser

If you could care less about TF2 or music you might want to skip this. Since this is long I will italicize the only things you need to read for the short version. I'm a huge TF2 geek, as I was a huge TFC geek. I'm also a b...   read

6:47 PM on 03.29.2008

The daily...weekly...erm whenever I feel like it WTF

Everyone likes to talk about all the violence these days and who causes it. But seriously, they knew violence in 1869. There is nothing I can say to express how incredibly inventively violent this is. I mean seriously, of ...   read

11:24 AM on 03.29.2008

Fear and Loathing on a Bus to Miami. Also Apollo Justice

We were on the road somewhere between Gainesville and Ocala when the drugs kicked in. I shouted to the bus driver donít stop here, itís bat countryÖ I wrecked my wifeís car in Ft. Lauderdale, it happens. This was New Yea...   read

10:46 AM on 03.23.2008

Dtoid book club 3: Love is in the air

Welcome to the third installment of the Dtoid book club. For todays book club everyone should post their thoughts on the newest book you've read and something old that you really enjoyed and would like to recommend to peop...   read

12:32 PM on 03.20.2008

David Hellman is amazing, did the art for Braid.

I know almost everyone here is crazy in expectation of Braid, but whilst reading another epically long Penny Arcade post I arrived at linkage to his site and the man is a freaking amazing artist. So I am telling you that if ...   read

3:30 PM on 03.19.2008

Not My Turning Point Gaming Rig

So there it is my gaming rig, are you impressed. Yes I game on a laptop, yes it is a Macintosh. Notice also my stellar gaming location, on my dining room table. Are those bills over there? Just so you know I might be pa...   read

11:25 AM on 03.19.2008

Japanese = love, insane. Some of my favorite videos from the mecca of gaming.

I love the Japanese (with the exception of the whole Nanking thing). They provide me with a good chunk of my entertainment, from anime, to manga and video games they seem to provide it all. They are also exceptionally str...   read

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