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I promise not to make this a habit but I got another link for y'all. I don't even want to paraphrase or add anything because I think this guy nailed it so well and I don't want to take anything away from him.

Here's the link


It's a little difficult but it's worth beating. Make sure you stick around for the ending song, it makes the boss battle at the end worth it.


So now that your back what did you think? Too challenging? Did you get to burn the rope? What are you doing the rest of the day? Maybe watching a video...or are you gonna play it again?

No Surflocke Holmes comic book excerpts unfortunately as Iím currently writing the actual comic book. Please except this lolcat instead.

Well itís finally happened, someone killed traditional JRPGs. The culprit is none other than Lost Odyssey. Iím only half way through it but I think I can go ahead and make the call. Traditional JRPGs are completely and totally dead, and like all good corpses they should be buried peacefully and not have their rotting corpse drug out and put on display.

Itís not that Lost Odyssey is bad, in fact itís actually quite good. That is how it killed the JRPG. Lost Odyssey covers everything that a JRPG has been and could be and does it in a well put together way. Every aspect of the traditional JRPG is done and done well in it.

Lost Odyssey is all there is for the traditional JRPG. Any game made after Lost Odyssey will just be a rehashing of all that comes before it. Lost Odyssey is the pinnacle of what can be achieved in this gaming format, in fact it could be argued itís a little past the peak.

I know someone is going to try to release another JRPG, but this right now is evolve or die time. Turn based combat comes from a time when technology was not good enough to have the complexity of combat that the genre creators wanted. Now that hurdle has been passed, it has already been done in countless other games.

From now on the Japanese need to make RPGs that embrace the future. We need to have action/adventure style games with all the elements that make JRPGs great. We need intuitive leveling systems like in Oblivion. We need fun combat. We need skill trees and equipment variations that are interesting but not overly complex. The other developers can build a fun gameplay system, but they just canít fill it up with the content that you do. Like Mass Effect, Iím having fun running and gunning people but do I have to visit the same stupid planet and do the same stupid mission with different textures and call it side-quests?

To all you Square Enixes of the world, Lost Odyssey was it. It was the last traditional JRPG game you will make that I will enjoy. You need to let it go. Change is good, embrace the change. I love you too much to let you destroy yourself by humping a dead corpse.

I will be trying Persona 3 when the special addition comes out because I heard that was a good evolution of the genre. Hopefully they will be someone that finally gets it.

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I started playing Apollo Justice on a bus to miami and only really got through the first case. I've been playing the second case and man did it take a turn for the wierd.

The first case was standard Phoenix Wright stuff but with a couple of twists, like the fact that you are not Phoenix. After it's over you are basically thrown into the street without a map and wander aimless trying to accomplish seemingly menial tasks. Then finally it picks back up into the stuff you're used to. There are lots of weird Japanese-isms that get thrown at you including searching for missing panties.

I don't know how I feel about the wierd-ass rock-n-roll prosecutor yet and I hated the wanna be gangster but he has really started to grow on me. At first I thought he was another Japanese-ism but then I realized it was a pretty accurate portrayal of one of those people that try and act like a gangster and fail in every way imaginable. I LOI'ed.

I know I'm late to the party on this game but I'm definately diggin it so far. Also I know that most people don't care about this but I came up with that title and couldn't resist. If you haven't played it yet you should pick it up and if you're playing it like me tell me your thoughts. No spoilers please.

Also Lolspies


First off link

This is a great article from Gamasutra, and while I haven't read all of it what I have read is pretty important to read for gamers. A lot of the beginning stuff is pretty much captain obvious material for most of the people here, but then the article goes into some good possible solutions. Again I'm just skimming because I'm at work.

The (mostly) lack of this behavior is definately a major part of why I became active in the Dtoid community, and why I love the no longer Dtoid TF2 server. Personally I think a strong hand and some firm rules are definite musts when you run a PC server. There is a line between friendly griefing and trash talk, and being a total douche-nozzle; most know where it's at. Unfortunately there are quite a few that like to jump across the line and yell neener-neener because that's what they think is fun.

Although to be honest I think that most trolls troll because they've been trolled and they are conditioned to think that it is acceptable online behavior. Plus it is a good defense mechanism because while you can troll a troll, why bother? Any insults a troll receives, deserved or otherwise, gets filed away psychologically as a job well done and not people saying "you are a total schmuck I wish you would die in a fire" - which would kind of hurt.

If you could care less about TF2 or music you might want to skip this. Since this is long I will italicize the only things you need to read for the short version.

I'm a huge TF2 geek, as I was a huge TFC geek. I'm also a big music geek. So I started this fun thread on the server message board challenging everyone to come up with songs for each class. A sort of "theme song" for each class and also a good song. I got a lot of brilliant submissions so far and wanted to make sure everyone got the opportunity to participate, Caff mentioned it in his post but it got swept away in the drama (the server is still there, it's still for destructoid people, it's just not called a destructoid server anymore because of the potential problems).

So here are the rules, you get one submission for each class. The submissions have to be thematically correct to the class. In other words if you were to listen to the song in context of the class things would fit in a funny sort of way that they do when you take other things out of context. You can also submit 1 or 2 songs to be the server song. All submissions must be made by Friday and can be made below, in a PM to me or at the board.

On Friday I will be making hurt heal threads for each class and the server where you can vote for your favorites. If enough people don't want to go to the server board but want to participate I will make it available to vote through PM or another Cblog post.

Also you get nothing for submitting except the smug satisfaction of knowing more music than someone else, which for a music geek is a pretty strong motivator. Sorry I'm too broke and busy to do anything more.

I'm not sure what these will be used for, although considering the epic Rock Paper Scissors games we played they'd be right at home there. I'm also thinking of asking Caff as a compromise to the mic spam to have an allowed music list of things that can be played assuming it does not screw up people's conversations (maybe at low volume). Also for those of you that play on consoles you an make the CD and rock out to it knowing that somewhere there are people on PC rocking out too and you can feel close to us.