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Supercodebreak avatar 5:46 PM on 07.01.2014  (server time)
It's not just what we play It's how we play .

Many people play video games. Certain games especially these days have various ways to play the game. 

 This is an amazing new feature to video games. Games that come to mind are Diablo series, Elder Scrolls and Fallout. Games such as the Dungeon and Dragons series have inspired programmers everywhere to make these modifications a reality. 

 Kudos to you game programmer we have come a long way !
Thus that's what my guides are about. A Deep analysis into the game's game play and programming. 

 In my recent guide based around Fallout 3 I have also implemented a small but accurate "Builds" section. Did you know or perhaps have you tried :

Playing Megaman X as JUST zero ?
Speed running a game such as Castlevania ?
Playing a Game like Skyrim, giving your self restrictions to say Paladin only or Monk Only Abilities ?

 Once again games today have come a long way. You tube is a great outlet to see how different gamer's play a game and their play style. 

 Not to mention Twitch TV which is bringing gamer's across the world together well at least digitally !

 The Solo or single player genre can now be experienced with OTHER people. This is truly an amazing time for gamer's game creators and the anyone in the industry including us writers !

 So in conclusion Game programming has come a long way as has replay value which is the KEY to a successful video game. Game play + Replay value.   

 If you want to check out HOW I play a game or even scan through some of my ideas check out one of my personal favorite games and guides here --

 Thank you and GAME ON ! - Andrew Turelli Jr A.K.A Supercodebreak.

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