( writers block ! ) I am not very good with about me.. But hey I will give it a go.

I am a very emotional person. This is my ultimate downfall and probably my greatest feature as well.

I am so driven in my artistic endeavors especially when it comes to video gaming.

I LOVE to do video game :

. Artwork
. Writing
. Nit picking
. Websites
. Japanese
. Much More !

Well I guess that is it for now. If I think of some more I will write it down. Let me know if you need anything - code

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Hi everyone Supercodebreak here ! Live and Legit !

 So, I have been here maybe 4 days. I would like to talk about my personal feelings on of this site, it's writers and so on. Although this would add to the gaming community as a whole. So let's start with #1... no not the Boston Red Sox.. I am talking about eyegen

 Yes I put several periods after the Sox word, sorry I am not so ANAL that i well.. ( Manly people will understand )

 Well I feel that BIG sites Like eye gn Well let's make a LIST because we KNOW how everyone LOVES list !

. Pretty faces no knowledge .

 Do we really want to see WOMEN ? Play video games ? lol ! If they know what they are talking about sure. If they like me of course. Well then why are you and I single ?

 Because women at least attractive ones do NOT like video games. It is considered LAZY and CHILDISH to them from what I hear. Do I care ? Yes I care ! Will i change ? NO !

 Because unlike the other writers everyone Codebreak is REAL. 

. These boring guys with beards .

You KNOW how you are. We can only have 1 bearded guy. 2 is plenty and 3 is NOT company.

. Dragon Age introduces a gay male character .

 Enchanted arms an RPG made during early xbox release already did this. So I'll say what has been said 100x's " This is news ? "  - supercodebreak ( real gamer )

 For this site ... Destructoid Well actually I am to lazy to fill out the rest !

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