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Supercodebreak's blog

12:38 AM on 07.02.2014

A TRUE gamer's opinion on Destructoid and it's similar kin.

Hi everyone Supercodebreak here ! Live and Legit !

 So, I have been here maybe 4 days. I would like to talk about my personal feelings on of this site, it's writers and so on. Although this would add to the gaming community as a whole. So let's start with #1... no not the Boston Red Sox.. I am talking about eyegen

 Yes I put several periods after the Sox word, sorry I am not so ANAL that i well.. ( Manly people will understand )

 Well I feel that BIG sites Like eye gn Well let's make a LIST because we KNOW how everyone LOVES list !

. Pretty faces no knowledge .

 Do we really want to see WOMEN ? Play video games ? lol ! If they know what they are talking about sure. If they like me of course. Well then why are you and I single ?

 Because women at least attractive ones do NOT like video games. It is considered LAZY and CHILDISH to them from what I hear. Do I care ? Yes I care ! Will i change ? NO !

 Because unlike the other writers everyone Codebreak is REAL. 

. These boring guys with beards .

You KNOW how you are. We can only have 1 bearded guy. 2 is plenty and 3 is NOT company.

. Dragon Age introduces a gay male character .

 Enchanted arms an RPG made during early xbox release already did this. So I'll say what has been said 100x's " This is news ? "  - supercodebreak ( real gamer )

 For this site ... Destructoid Well actually I am to lazy to fill out the rest !   read

5:46 PM on 07.01.2014

It's not just what we play It's how we play .

Many people play video games. Certain games especially these days have various ways to play the game. 

 This is an amazing new feature to video games. Games that come to mind are Diablo series, Elder Scrolls and Fallout. Games such as the Dungeon and Dragons series have inspired programmers everywhere to make these modifications a reality. 

 Kudos to you game programmer we have come a long way !
Thus that's what my guides are about. A Deep analysis into the game's game play and programming. 

 In my recent guide based around Fallout 3 I have also implemented a small but accurate "Builds" section. Did you know or perhaps have you tried :

Playing Megaman X as JUST zero ?
Speed running a game such as Castlevania ?
Playing a Game like Skyrim, giving your self restrictions to say Paladin only or Monk Only Abilities ?

 Once again games today have come a long way. You tube is a great outlet to see how different gamer's play a game and their play style. 

 Not to mention Twitch TV which is bringing gamer's across the world together well at least digitally !

 The Solo or single player genre can now be experienced with OTHER people. This is truly an amazing time for gamer's game creators and the anyone in the industry including us writers !

 So in conclusion Game programming has come a long way as has replay value which is the KEY to a successful video game. Game play + Replay value.   

 If you want to check out HOW I play a game or even scan through some of my ideas check out one of my personal favorite games and guides here --

 Thank you and GAME ON ! - Andrew Turelli Jr A.K.A Supercodebreak.   read

8:01 PM on 06.27.2014

A Hardcore Strategy Guide On Casltevania Lords Of Shadow 2

Hey everyone, Supercodebreak here again live and legit with some more video gaming HD action ! 

 Today I will present to you a Hardcore Guide on a more recently released title. Which is Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 by Konami and Mercurysteam .

 I create these guides myself UNO. No dos and certainly no Tre (greenday reference). Inside you will find TONS of information. 

 The Contents alone have LINKS. These links, will Link to an entire new page with information or strictly to a personal youtube video.

 My guides are hardcore, because they are in fact strategy guides. With a major twist. I go into just about every detail possible and ALL angles. Example :

. Speed Runs
. No damage runs .
. Hardest Modes
. 100 % completion

 I aim for things stated in the list above, so it is like a huge wiki, except in e-book form or FAQ form. Some guides have more then others. There is also an X-guide section.

 The X-guide section is a watered down version of my hardcore guides. MOST of the time at least. Take a look it is quite interesting for the nit-picky type that many of us are :) - supercodebreak

. Includes .

- Original Fan art
- HD Videos
- Weapon analysis
- Relic analysis
- Full Video Walkthrough + DLC
- MORE !

Thanks to - Occams for motivating me to edit this blog !

- code.

http://   read

10:16 AM on 06.27.2014

Introduction From Andrew Turelli jr A.K.A. Codebreak

Hi, My name is Andrew Turelli Jr. I write video game strategy guides.

My strong points :

. The Text ( Willing to Translate to ANY Language Via Google Translate)
. Voice over video . ( English and or Japanese or BOTH.)
. The Artwork
. HTML Banners
. Video and Editing ( i have real cheap stuff for the high end systems )
. A Bit more !

 If you could please see my portfolio. Which is

 - I will give links of some of my personal favorites .


 Most of the Banners Link to FULL Strategy Guides on that specific page alone.

2 .

 This is what I call an X-Guide Section. It is basically a Run Down version of my " Hardcore Guides ".

 I can complete X-guides on any game ! 
EX : DMC ( new devil may cry ) Would take me 2 Days To Have a COMPLETE FAQ/Xguide. UPON release  or when I receive the game.

3 .

 This is when I started doing Japanese text as well. It is unfinished As I started it about 5 days ago. It is considered "hardcore guide" to me. Thus always in the works !

4 .

 A New Video of me, speaking Japanese and With English as well. Japanese is a little rusty. I am working very hard to improve my speaking with that particular language.


 Another Hardcore Guide !

6. Finally Last but NOT least..

 A Hardcore guide on the Wind Waker HD .

 Have a look let me know what you think. 

 Face book is Andrew Turelli.  Wearing a gray suit .

 Thank you for your time ! - code.

P.S. Supercodebreak @   read

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