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2:32 AM on 06.18.2010

Review: Protect Me Knight

Xbox LIVE Indie Game
240 MS Points

I have never really payed attention to the indie game marketplace on Xbox Live. However, for some reason I looked the other day and noticed an interesting looking game. Thus, I downloaded the trial for Protect Me Knight and fell in love with it immediately. It's retro style and gameplay hooked me from it's intro and I couldn't put it down.

Protect Me Knight is basically a defense game where up to four players (No online play sadly) have a princess in the middle that needs protecting. You have a choice between four different characters, a mage, amazonian, knight and ninja. Each character has different attacks and abilities. The knight is the basic all around melee guy, able to spin in circles and throw an axe across the field that bounces off enemies. The ninja attacks viciously fast, lays bombs that look like the princess, and can turn invisible when he blocks. The mage's attacks aren't too strong, but her fire ball can have devastating effects as it spreads. The amazonian is another vicious attacker and she throws a boomerang that can twirl around her as long as you keep moving.

Every enemy you slay grants you heart points, in which you can level up your character, level up a barricade, or use a devastating attack that will grant you some breathing room. This adds another surprising level in depth into the game that make you want to advance and see what new move you can unlock or see what your max ability looks like. This kept my friends playing as well, all making different choices as we went along,

This game is meant to be played with three or four players, that seems pretty obvious once you get past the first few stages. The game throws a relentless amount of orcs, minotaurs, dragons, blimps, centipedes, and armored lizards at you. There were many times where the screen was literally filled with enemies and we couldn't move.

So, if you are looking for a good old retro game that you can enjoy with some friends on a couch, this is an excellent indie game. Especially at only 240 microsoft banana dollars, you can't really go wrong with it. If I had to say which game is my favorite indie game, i would have to say Protect Me Knight. Yes, even over I Made a Game With Zombies In It.   read

3:37 PM on 04.06.2010

E For Effort: The Wii

There are a lot of mixed emotions when people think of the Wii. Some call it a steaming pile of sh*t, some love it more than any of the other current gen consoles, and some say it is a dust collector but they still enjoy it. I rest on the latter, my Wii is sitting in the living room, behind the HD television. I currently own nine games for the system, most of them my parents bought with the mini games in them. Every three months or so, I might turn it on for a bit and play some Mario Cart Wii or Pokemon Puzzle Challenge. After about a half an hour or so though, I get tired of it and turn it off. Do I dislike the Wii? Yes. Do I dislike the way it plays? Again, yes. Do I dislike most of the games on the console? Most definite, yes. Do I dislike and/or hate Nintendo for creating the Wii? No I don't. Now that I have your attention, hopefully you will read on to figure out why.

Nintendo's products used to be easy to play and have reliable games and systems that the "hardcore" gamer could enjoy. From my very first game, which was the Super Mario World on SNES, I have played almost every first party game they have to offer. Then back in the year 2005 (yeah, who can remember that far back?), the Nintendo Revolution was revealed. They didn't show us anything but the little white console that would be called the Wii at E3 2006. I remember when I watched them demonstrate the Wii and when they showed videos of people playing them. My first thought was, "How the hell am I supposed to play games on something that looks like a remote?!". Then, "Wow... that really looks different and new! I cannot wait to get my hands on it!".

Then, the Wii launched November 19th, 2006, and I didn't get one for on full year. In that full year, almost everyone of my friends was able to nab one of the damned Houdini console. I went over there to play it, and was at first amazed with what it could do. My brother, was less excited about it, and started to bash it after watching it in play. The first game I played was Wii Sports, of course, and I had fun playing it with my friend. Soon after that, the wave of shovel ware started to flood into the market. Which brings me to my first point, the Nintendo seal of quality means nothing to me anymore.

Remember that little stamp there? Yeah, it usually meant that the game was a one most people would enjoy.Then the Wii came out, and every little game that came out had that little seal of approval on it, when really the game was shit. Remember Carnival Games and Ninjabread Man? Yeah, those were disasters that were allowed to be on the white dust collector. There is less shovelware these days, thankfully, but I still can't get into the first party games as well. For instance, Super Mario Galaxy, I just couldn't keep playing it. I loved Super Mario 64 and played the hell out of it but I couldn't enjoy Galaxy. There are some shines of light though through the dark clouds, such as Super Mario Cart Will, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mad World, and No More Heroes. I have fully enjoyed these games, along with games from the virtual console. There is also games to look forward into the future, the main one that comes to mind is Epic Mickey. Are the some of the games bad? Yes. Are all of them? No.

The most bothersome part of the Wii to me though, is what you spend most of your time playing with, the Wiimote. Call me old fashioned but I prefer a controller that feels sturdy, one that doesn't feel awkward, and one where I don't have to where a fucking strap on my wrist to prevent accidents. I love the feeling of definite control from two analog sticks, shoulder buttons, a controller that has a bit of weight, and a nice layout of buttons. I don't experience any of these qualities with the Wiimote or Nunchuck. Do I like the contoller of the Wii? No. Is it bad? No, it fits the games that are on the Wii.

Nintendo is... experimenting with their audience. They are trying to reach out to everyone, with the Wii pertaining to people that aren't familiar with our favorite entertainment and the sales show, they are reaching them. However, they are also locking out a lot of their original hardcore audience with the Wii. These are the reasons why I dislike the Wii, but I Nintendo still has my faith and I will come to them when something catches my eye. Thanks for reading, I now leave you with one of my favorite Mario videos, Super Mario Brothers- Frustration.

[embed]170154:28856[/embed]   read

1:06 PM on 03.02.2010

Researching Your Games: You're Doing It Wrong

To me, buying a sixty dollar game is a pretty big investment to me, especially when it is a pre-order/new release. However, this is because of my lack of funds right now, so it might be different to other folks. I get frustrated with some of these people that get upset with a game that is not what they expected or the quality of the content isn't what they assumed the product would be. You know what I say to these people? STFUJPG

The one particular game that stands out to me is Brutal Legend, one of my favorite games of last year.
Now, I can see people going in thinking it was going to be a straight up hack and slash game...

However, it actually turned out more like an RTS type...

Now, I research the hell out of games that I am excited for. So I knew what I was getting into when I picked
Brutal Legend up. I was excited to see other people on my friends list later that day also start to play it. The day after that however, they went back to playing Halo or Call of Duty. I was curious, so I asked what they thought of Brutal Legend. Their response: "Man, it sucks! I thought it was going to be a slasher but it's actually a gay RTS!". I heard many colleges give a similar answer over and over again. However, some of the blame is also on the marketing department for Brutal Legend.

There are also some otherr games where the same thing has happened such as Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Mirror's Edge, and Overlord. So I guess the point of this blog is... don't waste your hard earned money on games you are not fully informed on! Oh, there is also this thing called "renting" that I use, you should try it too!   read

7:36 PM on 01.22.2009

Sketch/Segment Ideas

Alright, well, me and my brother are in a media productions class. In this class, we make a weekly show about announcments, news, and sketches. Well, we have the ability to create any kind of skit or segment for this show for our school, as long as it is PG-13 rated. We only have a couple ideas for now, and they are ideas already thought up from the guys at Mega 64, the Merchant and Snake. We are palnning to go around the lunchroom, during lunch of course, and just randomly ask "what are ya buying?" and other lines while they wait in line. We want to have segments/sketches that apply to games, technology, music, or movies. Do you guys have any ideas for me? Oh, and here are the vides of the merchant and snake. ;P


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