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SuperMonk4Ever avatar 3:58 PM on 10.29.2010  (server time)
Review- Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

You shock an android to freeze it in it's tracks as soon as it de-cloaks in front of you, stunning it. You force push it over the ledge and then quickly turn to force grip an ice ball coming at you. You then throw it at two storm troopers, freezing them. Force pushing them, you shatter them across the floor into little shards. You turn to the final enemy in front of you, the hulking freezing robot. You grab another ice ball it shoots at you and throw it back, freezing the robot in its' tracks. You then quickly dash at it and release the fury of your dual lightsabers at it. Before a few seconds, the robot is weak and a QTE event plays out. You jump up and fall, cutting the bots' arm off, freezing itself. You quickly charge a force push and blast it into a million pieces. 

I may not be the best describer in the world, but I know when I feel like a bad ass. The Force Unleashed II may not be able to compete with Reach, Rock Band 3, or even Black Ops but that doesn't mean it isn't a great adventure. Don't get me wrong, the game has flaws, the 4.5 hour long campaign and unbelievable story are the major ones. However, isn't the
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