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SuperMonk4Ever avatar 10:23 PM on 10.01.2010  (server time)
Random Blog: Shout-out to my homies! (Short Blog)

So yes... if you haven't seen me on here, that's not just you. I don't often write blogs because well... I am not very good at it. Hell, I started this blog off topic even, fuck my ass.... here goes my shout-outs to my FNF crew.


My first real Destructoid friend, I just jumped into one of his FNF games one night and bam... we pretty much connect instantly. I enjoy playing with him anytime and will always be one of my greatest friends on here... even if his chuckle does sound creepy at times. You are the PB to my J, the Robin to my Batman, and the fuck to my ass... wait... that didn't come out right.
Games we've played: Halo: Reach, Dead Rising 2, Splinter Cell: Conviction and Left 4 Dead


Ah, young Steezy, my pupil, hopefully he can rise up to my greatness one day... In all seriousness though, he is another great friend that I am fortunate enough to have. That, and he makes me look good in some Halo: Reach matches too. Here's to you Steezy, keep on fighting towards the top.
Games we've played: Halo: Reach

Corduroy Turtle

....Moving on
Games we've played: Halo: Reach


And here we end up at MrAndyDixon, Mr. Boner himself. It's odd how we met. I kept hearing that I sound exactly like him, so I was excited when he finally jumped into a party with me. It is true... we do sound alike, except I don't say boners every time I breath. He is an amazingly fun person to just chat with. If everything is serious, Andy here will change that quickly. I guess you could say just thinking about him gives me... a boner. YEEEAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!

Im sorry if i am forgetting anyone, but you guys... make me look forward to the end of every week now and I cross my fingers and hope that you guys are on when I randomly play as well. Thanks for the fun times so far, I hope they don't end anytime soon.

Editors Note:Sorry about the big pictures being big....

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