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SuperMonk4Ever avatar 12:03 AM on 10.22.2010  (server time)
My Worst Enemy... (Short Blog)

I have been killed by this enemy more times than I would like to think. I shudder with fear every time my eyes lay upon this enemy. I can't even do anything to kill this enemy. This enemy I am talking about isn't even alive. This enemy, is a saw blade. These objects of frustration of made multiple appearances in platflormers that I have played this year. Mostly on Limbo and Super Meat Boy. 

These menaces have always kept me on my toes. Making me react with the up most reflexes and timing skills. Remember those sequences in Limbo where you were riding on a sliding box that was on course to a saw blade? Yeah, I can remember myself feeling so intense that my palms started to sweat as I timed my jumps. While the saw blades weren't the only enemy, they were the ones that appeared the most and made me react with fear. 

Have you ever loved a game so much, but hate it at the same time. I have neve
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