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SuperMonk4Ever avatar 12:51 PM on 02.02.2011  (server time)
Groundhog Day: Pretend Time

As many of you know, this month's musing is about a game that you love and keep coming back to. Not even a few seconds after reading the post, one singular game (series) popped into my head. I have put more time, money and effort into this game series that I have any other game. I have played almost every game in this series and have bought so much DLC for it that I have probably spent almost five-hundred dollars in this one damn series. I have spent hours in a small hot room playing this with a group of friends shirtless, sweaty and yelling. Hell, one of us was just in their boxers one time. This game series has even been played with all my friends and even myself dressed as horrible excuses for women. What game series would drive us to do this to ourselves you ask? That my friends, is Rock Band.

Yes indeed, Rock Band is the game series that has gripped me by the balls, only making me want more as my writs throb and my mouth dries (Insert dirty boner comment from Mrandydixon). I always come back to this game at least once a week to live out my fantasy of being the most diverse and popular band on the planet. I remember the first time I played Rock Band at my friends house December 25th, 2007. After playing one hour on drums, I knew I had to get that game. The following summer, I got my first job and saved up all my money just to get this game. That one purchase started the horrible cycle of Harmonix stealing money out of my wallet for years. I have pounded, strummed and yelled more than I would like to admit. What exactly keeps me coming back? I'll let you know....

My main Rock Band 2 band, Down 2 Earth. From left to right, ((Eric)), Al Capwn, Awesome Andrew and Allen

The sheer amount of customization you can use on your rock star is simply amazing. From his clothes, to his shades and even to a tiny piercing or ring. You can release your inner rock demon and make him perform in venues you can only dream about. I have probably spent just as much time customizing and tweaking my characters as I have actually playing the game. My brother and I created our band Down 2 Earth in the very first Rock Band and have carried them over to every iteration. As we went through tour mode, my imagination kicked on. I imagined us going from bar band to touring rock gods. Performing at sold out shows to millions of screeching fans at sold out shows and performing at other big events like Bonaroo. Between tours, maybe our rockers might be like me and just relax or maybe take a night out on the town and have the night of his life. Then we would move onto the next town/city and start over again. Never have I been so attached to a group of characters that have no story.

Hell, that isn't even including the RBN and all the other songs since last E3

Of course the biggest draw to a music game is well... the music. From the classic Queen songs to Coheed and Cambria even some songs from Splosion Man. I have over two hundred songs including RB1, RB2, Lego RB and DLC. All these songs make RB so great though, if I just have an itch to listen to a song, why not play it? Between playing all of those songs, I feel like the most diverse band. If a band like this existed, the fan base would be split into so many bases that no one would know what to classify the band. Is one of your favorite bands not that mainstream? Take a look at the phenomenal Rock Band Network 2.0. Got a song that you wish you could play? Then request your song and if the demand is high enough, it might just come out! The best part though, is that you will always be anticipating what comes out next week. I have a few bands I wish to hear more from though. Hey Harmonix... more Modest Mouse and Coheed and Cambria please!

You know who these guys are... I hope you do.

Between building your bands, mastering the instruments and climbing the charts, you will pretty much have something to always do. Even if you don't prefer music from the 80's, 90's or 00's there is the Beatles Rock Band. The homage they pay to the Beatles is so stuttering, it would make any Beatles fan have a goofy and wide smile on their face. The fan service Harmonix puts out with every week with the DLC is quite an amazing feat. It's amazing that they can keep releasing song after song in the DLC catalog each week and even more in the RBN. The best I can summarize this is that you are never done with Rock Band.

What else can I really say about Rock Band that I already haven't said? That I will play this until my hands no longer function or I go brain dead? The answer is a resounding yes, I will play Rock Band until the day I die. I mean come on, you have to love a game if you are willing to play it in a blonde wig and pink bikini top.

Come on, did you really think I was going to leave this out?

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