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Hey, I'm Andrew, I am a gamer and a ROCKER!! I usually only play my 360, but if I am in the mood, I might play Mario Cart on my Wii. I would say my favortie games would have to be... Rock Band 3, Left 4 Dead 2, Bioshock, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Half-Life 2, Metal Gear series and the Jak and Daxter series.. Right now, I am playing Mortal Kombat, Saints Row 2, Catherine and Halo: Reach.

I am just your good old average 20 year old gamer that enjoys his games. If you are curious about my name, it comes from my most popular character, Super Monk. I draw a comic with him as the main character, an monk with a hidden face behind an orange cloak that swears, drinks, fights, and all things a monk should not do.

Well, I guess I should also tell you some of my other favorite things as well, because we all enjoy movies and music as well. :)

Favorite Movies: Donnie Darko, Kung Fu Hustle, The Punisher, Shaun Of The Dead, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Silent Hill, The Mummy and others that are slipping my mind.

Favorite Artists: Coheed and Cambria, Everclear, The White Stripes, LostProphets, Queen, Elton John and Tenacious D

Oh, and if any of you want to play me on Xbox Live, send me a message or friends request to SuperMonk4Ever. Thanks! :]

This is what I look like in a Wanted poster

I have my own theme! Listen to it and behold the Symphony of the Monk!
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Sorry about the wicked spoiler

When big events happen in a story, your next most likely action is to find someone to talk to about it. Naturally though, a lot of people won't like your enthusiasm to discuss the topic of which they have not experienced yet. This leads to arguments with each other and even sometimes a loss of friendship. I believe that this reaction is completely uncalled for and can back up that belief. In the end, does a spoiler stop you from enjoying the story? No, so why do people decide to throw a big fit over them? Sometimes it seems as if the Reapers have invaded your homes and decided to tell you the meaning of life for which you kill them before yelling "SPOILERS!" (I understand that spoilers are a big deal to some people so don't worry, I won't actually spoil anything in this article.)

Spoilers have never effected anything for me. I don't feel as if my friend describing the death of a certain character can be compared to the level of depth a show, game or movie can display them. While I may know ahead of time that a certain event will happen, I don't exactly know when or how. The development team can morph the game to anything they want to make you feel whatever emotion they desire. They can do this from setting the atmosphere, having it silent, setting dramatic music music or involving certain character development. Would it be justice to describe the famous small scene in Uncharted 2 as "Remember when you ran away from that car?" No, there was so much more that played out during those ten seconds than just that. "Drake grunted as he looked back, trying staring at the careening truck that was slamming into the walls of the alley. Stumbling over himself to try to get away with his life, the truck almost catches up before crashing right behind him, Drake barely escapes with his life."

One of my favorite examples of a spoiler event was from earlier this year right after a new episode of the Walking Dead. Of course, Twitter is a bad place to be if you are wanting to avoid spoilers, especially if you live in the Pacific time zone. Well, after the Walking Dead, there is a talk show to discuss what happened in the episode. During the show, they encourage the viewers to tweet what they thought about what they thought about that night's episode. One of my good friends tweeted "WHY DID _____ DIE?!?!?" only to be tweeted back with multiple people telling him to shut the fuck up.

Now, lesson one, stay the hell off of twitter if you want to avoid spoilers you dumb dumbs! Now, I know it stupid to do that because that means you would have to stay off of Twitter most of the day. However, most people will tweet something about the game/show that isn't spoiler-ish before hand. That should be your heads up as "HEY! I am currently playing/watching such and such!" and to avoid whatever you see them tweet. Now lesson two, when you see a basic spoiler tweet like that, ignore it. I say this because it will not ruin the episode/game like many of you seem to pretend. It will only add to the suspens knowing that a certain character will die. You will be thinking, how is going to happen? What's going to lead up to it and what's going to be the reaction of all of the characters? Hearing a bare spoiler may just add more and make you look forward to something later on in the episode/game.

10. I Procrastinate... A Lot

Seriously, it really isn't funny how bad I am at this. Right now, I have two blog ideas started with three paragraphs and they have just been sitting there for quite some time now. I often find myself thinking while I am at work and say to myself "Hey, that would make a great blog subject!" Two days later, I start it and then I take a break after about a half hour. I know my feeling of "Oh, this could be so much better, I'm not posting it!" gets in the way quite a bit as well. When will these blogs get finished? Who knows? Well, I kinda do, I know the anticipation is killing you all.

9. I am known as a "Dick Werewolf"

Okay, this one really sounds worse than it actually is. For some reason, whenever I am talking or hanging out with friends at night, I randomly keep throwing the work Dick(s) out of nowhere. I never really noticed that until my brother pointed it out to me. Then we also started to think about it... most guys actually talk more about dicks than the grand jugs or bearded clams. It is an odd phenomenon... but I seem to talk more about it at night so there you go... Dick Werewolf.

8. I have a brother

Yup, you probably already knew this but I wanted to share this small bit with you. He is as awesome (if not more) than I am. So yeah... this was just a shout out to my brother, deal with it.

7. I am probably more of a dick than I realize

I like to give a lot of my friends a hard time. Whether it comes as a sarcastic asshole response or switching to the opposite side of Battlefield 3 just to kill other Dtoiders, I find it as a playful joke. However, it probably always doesn't come across as that. I laugh loudly as I stop my friends from finishing their objectives by camping near them and waiting patiently. Seriously though, you don't know how much of a kick I get when I hear you guys say "Fucking Monk".

6. I am paranoid as hell

This one is actually quite embarrassing to me but I always have a feeling that someone I am not aware of is watching/listening to me. Usually I imagine it's some kind of spirit of the sort and I can usually be seen looking over my shoulder. I know it sounds stupid as fuck but I just haven't been able to shake this feeling. Especially when I am by myself, it increases quite a few notches.

5. I have attained a gamerscore that has broken 100,000

This isn't me gloating, it's a cry for help. I am actually quite proud of all the achievements but... seriously, I shouldn't have that much gamerscore at all.

4. My brother and I have purchased almost all of the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 costume packs

Please... forgive me but I find it so fucking hard to resist stupid shit like this for some reason. I guess buying the costume packs for Super Street Fighter IV and buying avatar shit is bad as well. I'm sorry I let you all down, can we still be friends?

3. I discover most artists through video games

I try to not listen to the radio at all costs. If you could see my face right now, you would see the most dead serious expression on my face right now. Fuck. The. Radio. If I hear Nickleback on more time before I die, I think it will take a year off of my life. It's so great that games have some great licensed tracks in games today. I can mainly thank Rock Band for introducing me to my favorite band Coheed and Cambria. So thank you for that gaming.

2. I carry my 3DS around with me almost everywhere

The last thing I usually do before I walk out the door is throwing my 3DS in my pocket. I will take any chance that I get to gather up some coins or Street Pass someone. Usually this all goes towards Find Mii so I can unlock little hats for my Mii. Like I said earlier, little shit like this always grabs my fucking attention for some reason.


Oh god... what time is it?

I heard some of you are going to Pax this year. Actually, I hear a lot of you are going this year. Sadly however, I will not be able to attend this year... or will I? Actually no I won't be able to... but you can take adopt my avatar to rub it in my face! "But Monk, why the hell would I take your avatar with me? You're just a giant bag of dicks!" That last part may be true, but here is why you should take me... Erm, my avatar to Pax!

1. He's Sub Zero... what else do I need to say? He's easily the best character in Mortal Kombat and is probably the coolest. Get it? Did you see what I did there? ...I really need to stop with those bad jokes.

2. My lord... he has ice cream in his hands. See? He thinks of the children.

3. You will be carrying around the avatar of a pro. Everyone will fall to their knees and bow. Everyone will fear and respect you equally.

4. I have never, ever done this before, so you would be the lucky individual to bring SuperMonk4Ever to Pax.

5. I noticed a lot of you are also going to Halo Fest. Maybe you can get me a couple swag items or signatures. You know, because Halo is one of my favorite game franchises.

6. ...Because you are such a nice person?

On a more serious note though, I would greatly appreciate it. You have no idea how badly I want to be up there with the lot of you. By adopting my avatar, you will have a little piece of me with you. Knowing that little piece of me will be with great people and being with your great times fills my heart with joy. So please, adopt him today, or do you want this to happen to you?

Thank you all for reading this short entry, I hope one of you all can make my semi-dream come true and take my avatar to Pax!

So, I came home from work last night to find a certain package from a certain person was lying on my bed. It might have had anything in there but like the brave man I am, I opened it and studied the items of interest.

I had my dog Jack ready in case anything bad happened.

Hmmm... I told someone that I wanted to get back into comics a while back. I will definitely give this a read in the near future.

Wh... What the? A past OXM featuring Bulletstorm?

Hint: It's not that great...

This is actually for my brother. He is a pretty big Deadmau5 fan, so being the good man he is, Gareth sent Eric one of his most popular albums 4 x 4= 12.

Here's the inside of the case... duh.

For months now, Gareth has been trying to convince me to pick up Modern Warfare 2. I have been stubborn and rejected the game. Well... I guess i really don't have an excuse now, do I?

Here's Gareth's letter to Eric and I. You have done so much for me, you brought me into this community and have provided hours upon hours of great moments. You are one of our best friends, I cannot express my gratitude enough.
PS- I think Superman can be a dick too.

Wow... this kinda made me lose it when I first saw it.

Thanks Gareth, I loved everything you sent me! I'm still not so sure what to make of the OXM magazine but... MARIA! Best bros for life son! But now... here's a little something for you.

So guess what? I got a package today! Yaaaaaayyyyyayayayayayay! Who's it from this time you might ask? It's from the one and only ChillyBilly, one of my best bros around! Lets take a look at what he sent, shall we?

This is what I found taking up my mailbox today... fucking space hogger.

Sup bro?

So let's open this bad boy and see what's inside...

*Looks at calendar* Hey Chilly, you missed April Fo... Oh wait...

Haha... yeah, there we are!

Hell yes, Castlevania: Lord of Shadows! I have been meaning to pick this up!

Oh? And he sent me a Pip-Boy Fallout 3 Bobble head? AWESOME!

Fun fact: I wanted to get the special edition just for the bobble head.

For now, I have him resting on top of my my big old 90s television!

Seriously, I love you Chilly. You are the man, much love bro. I owe you one big brofist.

Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of Destructoid and I have been here for a while. Mostly a lurker until a a little over a couple years ago when I started posting in the forums and then made my first (shitty) blog shortly after. Since then, I have grown from a boy into... and man that acts like a boy. I thought it might be appropriate to celebrate this by taking a look back and take in what Destructoid has done for me. From playing games that I would have never given a second though about to meeting my second family, my bro family. None of this would be possible without Destructoid, my home away from home. I will be here till the day I die, that, or my fingers fall off from all of the typing. So lets take a look at some of the things that Destructoid helped bring to light for me.

Super Meat Boy

I have never really been that big into the indie scene. I have always just brushed them off as flash games that people make that aren't worth my time. Well, I was ignorant to think that way. Destructoid showed off Super Meat Boy to the point where I couldn't be more excited for it before it came out. Thanks to all the coverage that was presented; I bought the game the week it came out and I love it. The pain, suffering, yelling, crying and satisfaction all made it worthwhile. Super Meat Boy is the first game that made me curse so much, I was asked to stop cursing and yelling by my neighbors. It stands as one of my favorite arcade games of all time and I would have never picked it up if it weren't for Destructoid. So thanks for all the pain and misery, you bastards. <3

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

I had no idea this game existed before I saw the review that brought the game to my attention. Now, some of you know I am not that big on PC gaming. I might play more if my current computer wasn't a single processor laptop that is four years old. However, from all the other reactions from other Dtoiders, I thought I might give it shot. Thank god it was the weekend sale on Steam that week. I bought that and downloaded within the day. I might of had to play it on the lowest setting so it wouldn't chug but that didn't stop me from being scared shitless. I have never been scared or paranoid thanks to a game before Amnesia. The atmosphere, puzzles and horrible events that took place in that game was enough to easily put it in one of my top ten games of all time. There were points where I was screaming and had to stop playing because of how scared I was. Seriously, play it, you will not regret it at all.

Hey Ash Whatcha Playing? (HAWP)

Never would I have imagined that one of my favorite series would be a web series. I started watching HAWP after the first season ended, bored and nothing to do. I instantly loved every episode and bought the season one DVD that day. Since then, I have caught every new episode the day it is uploaded. I even stayed up to 1am to watch GTTV to catch the newest one. Once I get paid this week, I am going to order season two. You guys deserve all the success and more.

There are other games that I would've skipped as well, such as Alan Wake, Deadly Premonition and Darksiders. All those unique games got lost in the shuffle to other AAA games sadly. Without your coverage of the smaller AA and indie games, I would probably be one of those gamers that only play shooters. *Shudders* Destructoid isn't only about the stories and games though. It also has the best community I have ever had the chance to come in contact with. I feel honored to know these people and even talk/play with them. I don't feel as if I am not interesting or cool enough to even know these phenomenal people. I could go on and on about how I feel so lucky to just post here and know some of you read my blogs. I feel it is appropriate to address some of these fellow Dtoiders that have had a massive impact on my life...

GarethxxGod: You are the first Dtoider that ever invited me to play with you. You have always been there to have a great time with. I love to hear you rage sometimes in COD or whatever else we are playing. You are my best friend here and will always be, never ever change my friend. You will always be part of my Bro Family.

Chilly Billy: You have done so much for me, providing me with many LIVE codes and other items. I cannot begin to explain how much I appreciate everything you have done for me. You are someone that I could just hang out and just talk with. You have a special place in my Bro Family.

Occams Electric Toothbrush: You are probably the classiest, funniest and most original person on this site. You are probably one of the most generous as well. It is never a dull moment when you are involved, I cannot imagine Destructoid without you.

Knutaf: You always know how to bring a crowd together and have a fun night. All those hours of Halo: Reach have been a blast.

MrAndyDixon: You always know what to say, never ceasing to amaze me. One moment you are spewing boner-isms and then the next you can be serious. Seriously man, never, ever change one thing about you.

Lenigod: You are just... plain awesome. I'm not sure how to put how awesome you are into words. You are just an amazing guy to play with, being able to pull yourself away from your Gran Turismo 5 to play with us. ;)

Epic-KxDtoid: For that one L4D2 game we played. Funfunfunfunfun

SteezyXL: You are just too cool for school. I'm sorry I have to put you in your place sometimes, but I do it out of love. You are one of the best, it's always fun whether I am fighting with or against you.

Law of Thermal Dynamics: I haven't been able to play with you that much, but I can tell you are already an amazing guy. I always look forward to your interviews as well, you bring so much to the community.

The Commentoid Team: I just wanna give you guys a shout-out, keeping track of the best of the best comments. It is always hilarious and interesting to read what you guys think the best comments are. Keep em coming guys.

Last but not least, I would like to thank the person that made this all possible, Niero. Thank you so much for bringing these games and people into my life. You are truly a man that deserves the respect of everyone in this industry and more. I wish the best for you, you are amazing. I cannot thank you enough for making what seemed like a massive task possible. Happy (belated) Birthday. :)

There are so many other people I could thank from the community to the editors. I say thank you to everyone here, my heart is filled with joy just knowing you people. You have no idea the impact on my life you all have on my life everyday. I think the only way I can truly express this is through a classic song. If you grew up in the 90's, it might be familiar to you. So with all the love I can give, thank you so much Destructoid.


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