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Super Kimchi Bros avatar 5:31 AM on 12.26.2013  (server time)
A 2013 Gaming Event Tour of Korea

2013 is nearly done and it’s been a fun and exciting for gaming. In my current home, Korea gaming is becoming more and more popular by the day and Korea is full of interesting gaming events, if you check each cities events calendar closely enough. Here are a couple more fun gaming events I stumbled upon this year.

I will readily admit I have never played a Starcraft game in my life but a buddy dragged me along to a couple of ‘professional’ gaming events in Seoul. I will admit that all of the pomp and circumstance of the events blew me away, they are like gaming’s equivalent of a football game and I’d recommend anyone check one of these events out if they can, out of morbid curiosity at the very least. (The exact event I attended was the WCS Season 1 Final, also attended the GSL Season 4 Final in 2012)

Secondly, G-Star, in Busan, is an up-and-coming gaming event. Originally starting as a more recruitment-oriented event years ago, the event organisers have aspirations of the event growing into a fully-blown, Tokyo-Game-Show-Style event in the future. Will it happen? I don’t know, but it did spawn some awesome DOTA 2 cosplayers for your viewing enjoyment.

Next, ‘e-Fun’ was an exceedingly low-key indie gaming art event hosted in Daegu. I got the chance to see a couple of rooms of video game art. As this was in Korea there was a lot of Maple Story art adorning the walls. The event just reaffirmed my suspicions that Korean gamers are primarily obsessed with home-grown smartphone games.

Finally, although not gaming related, one of the most enjoyable events to attend in Korea is the bi-monthly ‘Comic World’. Hosted in both Seoul and Busan it’s a beacon for manwha (Korean comic books) artists to set up a stall and sell their stuff and the events always attract a huge crowd of cosplayers.

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