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Super Drybones's blog

7:05 AM on 03.10.2011

Cecil has Giant Sapphire Crotch

That is all.

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4:55 PM on 12.13.2010

Ultimecia's Plan for Time Compression Finally Works

Squall could not be reached for comment.   read

7:28 PM on 04.04.2010

The Worst Thing Ever [NSFW]

Alone in a castle, playing with his tassle

The Drybones gazed at the sea

Ever so carefree

When out of his sight

With a bum ever tight

Came Firion from Final Fantasy 2

They began to chat

Of the man in the red hat

When Firion did have a strange stare

Not one of humble and care

As Mr. Destructoid pulled off his pants

Not nude at all it would seem

His dick did reign supreme

In a pair of overalls

There to catch his dangle balls

As they began to all kiss

Pants wet with something other than piss

Boo did come on the scene

With his best friend the Master Chief

The Drybones did cry

As Master Chief went up on his thigh

As the Boo kept disappearing

Except for the visible semen

Things were going well

For the turtle in dead shell

Until Mr. Destructoid began to grow mad

The others praise he had not had

So he began to describe

With turtle splooge in his eye

All his great accomplishments

Starting with Free Willy

So after some boney dick

He stopped being such a prick

And began to be grateful

As along came a staple

Firion and the staple were making love

As Drybones thought of his first turtle dove

A spirit whose heavenly nature was from above

And so Ekans came on the scene

And the Orgy Began

As the Drybones went through Master Chief like a bull dozer on a kitten

The Boo was ever quite smitten

With the staple he just met

The two were locked in a love net (along with their penises)

I canít describe what happens next

As I believe Drybones have no necks

But his gazing at the sea

Ever so lonely

Was now at an end

As was Boos virginity

Someone was Watching


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