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Sunset Samurai's blog

6:53 PM on 10.09.2009

Choose Your Weapon!!!!

Granted it’s only 1:20am. But like gamers, bloggers and anyone connected to the web. I feel I need my fix.

I find myself favouring traditional coffee recently. Nothing of any surprise as this most delicious substance used to be my choice above all others. I did as many of you have or are still doing... I went through my energy drink stage, Red bulls, Relentless, Monster...the works!

Oh those little cans of neon-esque pure rocket fuel. If introduced to an empty stomach will only induce pains I’m sure any female gamer will convey as being only 10% of what they must endure on a monthly basis. Having no frame of reference for this claim I take it at face value and choose to reply with the most adequate of phrases “sucks to be you then, doesn’t it?” (This is retorical but answer if you must).

I digress, as for this being my first blog and post. I wish to open the question as pour my next cup of coffee. What’s your poison and what stories do you have to tell?   read

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