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10:35 PM on 04.09.2009

Konami is like your Highschool Bully!

I understand that people are allowed to have concerns and they have the ability to voice their concerns on whatever media they choose. What I don't understand, and to use a word or two of their own, and find truly disgusting is the fact that we are so sensitive now-a-days that every time there is something even the least bit controversial or slightly offensive someone has to make a federal case out of it. Why do we feel the need to voice concern every single time someone moves a finger?

My anger comes from reading Jim's post about the 6 Days problem. I read the little exert on gamepolitics and I just got mad that A) These people feel the need to attract attention this bad and are going this far to achieve it, B) think there is money to be had in this route or my favorite C) actually think that the industry is out to trivialize major wars and incidents simply to hurt your feelings and make a cheap buck in the process.

I don't remember hearing this much bullshit when every vendor and even food establishment decided to cash in on 9/11 with NYC bracelets and trinkets. I mean McDonalds was selling fucking t-shirts and people were buying them. But hey they are not out to make a quick buck. Hell, I don't even remember the movie coming under such quick fire. Am I missing something or is it different when a Video Game decides to recite a story in a way that appeals to a certain demographics?

For some odd reason I like to believe that people are naturally good (I'm a humanist at heart) and that maybe these people have there heart in the right place but, you can't always act impulsively on every bad feeling you have. Sometimes doing what you think is right and what is actually right are two different things. Regardless, I can only hope that one day Video Games approach the same kind of immunity from this that books and even movies have apparently earned.

On a separate note, cheese...that is all.   read

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