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I was born in the year 20XX and sent back into the past via space capsule to prevent Judgement Day. I think they sent me back too early, because nothing is really happening yet. So, until I get the call, I'm usually just sitting around, readin' comics, playin' videogames, and drawrin' pictures.


- To get the power-up and save the princess. Will settle for steady job with decent healthcare plan.

Check out my collected doodles at:


In which I make a madcap attempt to graphically showcase the classic world warriors of the Street Fighter franchise


Slow Your Beast Roll

Slow Your Beast Roll CE Variant

Crazy Buffalo


Bearhug Mecha Zangief variant


Bloodbrother White

Bloodbrother Red

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Ever since it began development, comic nerds have been curious about TIm Burton's Superman Lives project. Burton, having come off of making two successful Batman films, was instructed to reintroduce Superman to the modern populous in grand fashion. The entire production was shrouded in a cloak of secrecy, and it wasn't until years later when Kevin Smith, who had been contracted to write the film, performed "And Evening With Kevin Smith" that we got a small glimpse into the insanity that brought the film down before it ever really begin. Said insanity involved polar bears and a giant spider, as a means of reference. And that was it, as far as information went.

Until now.

I present, Nicolas Cage in the Superman costume. Also known as the best/worst thing ever.

Fake? Maybe. But dear lord, I truly hope not. The thought of Cage walking around in that suit, looking like a life-sized action figure is a pretty strong candidate for my new favorite.

You're all very welcome. Eyebleach is to the left.

Earlier today I blogged about how I hadn't been able to art it up. Well, I guess Stella Got Her Groove Back. Or something. I made myself do a jam session tonight, and was quite surprised to see a small theme emerge at the end of the doodle tunnel. Beauty in the eye of the beholder and all o' that.


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Under themes, we also would have accepted "the color purple" and "things that start with the letter 'M'".

- Suitcoat

So I've been busy. And by busy, I mean biz-zay. Art stuff hasn't necessarily fallen completely by the wayside, but my priorities have been reduced to a few specific projects. When this particular fun-party blows over, I'm really hoping to focus on a few pieces that will rock the socks, so to speak. That being said, I got the blog itch, and I'm going to scratch it with an old school Scattershot Thoughts approach. Bare with me. Or bear with me, if you will. Rawrr.

1. First and foremost, I know there are some requests that have gone unfulfilled. See above. I'll try to get to them as soon as possible, but I just wanted to give the heads-up that I haven't forgotten about them. Apologies, et al.

2. I just finished Mass Effect last night, after oh, a couple of years of putting it off. It took dedication to really get into it, but once you get past the initial couple of hours (Post-Citadel, to be specific), the game really takes off. I played as a Renegade Adept, and found it to be a pretty great mix for success. Problems were solved either by A) Being a dick, or B) Being a dick and telepathically throwing an enemy across the room. Once I got into the exploration aspect of the game, I became sort of obsessed with hitting every possible side-mission. I didn't get to do all of them, which will probably result in a second playthrough ( I liked it that much). Couple of issues; 1) the MAKO controls SUCK. They seriously need to fix that in the sequel. 2) Too easy to break the flow of the game. I did some of the planets out of order, which resulted in breaking up what should have been an epic three hour storyline run across the span of an entire playthrough. Also, please fix the loading times next game out. Thx.

3. I recently read Ian Flemming's complete James Bond short story collection. This has resulted in a rekindled obsession for all things old-school Bond. I really wish there was another game akin to From Russia With Love that played up the 60's world of espionage. Only, you know, better. I would absolutely love to see a 60's-era Bond FPS that combines elements from the Connery/Moore run. Blofeld, Jaws, Scaramanga, SPECTRE, etc. Like Goldeneye: Rogue Agent, only, again, better.

4. Finally saw District 9. There's not much that can be said besides between that and Moon, this has been a fantastic summer for Sci-Fi. Blomkamp is too good for Halo. Give him a Half-Life movie and let him roll.

5. Speaking of badmouthing der Haloes, I can't stop watching "We are ODST". That does not mean I'll be buying the game. Oh God, no. I got burned on Halo 3 thanks to the "Believe" campaign, and as the saying goes, fool me once... well, fuck Halo.


- Suitcoat

Time to celebrate the man that was Dalton. Let's do this up right, people.

Nicholson Size It

Why did I do this? Two reasons, A) I was bored. B) Brad Nicholson makes me laugh any time he's on Podtoid, so I felt it necessary to show my appreciation for brightening my day.

Bonus reason:

C) I was afraid not to.

- Suitcoat

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This one turned out better than I thought it would. It being the first New Challenger entry done with the Wacom might have something to do with it. I wanted to throw a spin on it, so instead of actually drawing the scar, I just knocked it out and filled it with negative space. I think it makes for a more interesting piece. You look at it and then, oh, the scar isn't there.

In related news, I did some New Challenger test prints on 16x20 matte canvas for a friend. I may have some left over. They may be signed. If there is enough interest, they may be part of a future contest...

- Suitcoat