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I was born in the year 20XX and sent back into the past via space capsule to prevent Judgement Day. I think they sent me back too early, because nothing is really happening yet. So, until I get the call, I'm usually just sitting around, readin' comics, playin' videogames, and drawrin' pictures.


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As seen on CHUD.com.

Ever since it began development, comic nerds have been curious about TIm Burton's Superman Lives project. Burton, having come off of making two successful Batman films, was instructed to reintroduce Superman to the modern populous in grand fashion. The entire production was shrouded in a cloak of secrecy, and it wasn't until years later when Kevin Smith, who had been contracted to write the film, performed "And Evening With Kevin Smith" that we got a small glimpse into the insanity that brought the film down before it ever really begin. Said insanity involved polar bears and a giant spider, as a means of reference. And that was it, as far as information went.

Until now.

I present, Nicolas Cage in the Superman costume. Also known as the best/worst thing ever.

Fake? Maybe. But dear lord, I truly hope not. The thought of Cage walking around in that suit, looking like a life-sized action figure is a pretty strong candidate for my new favorite.

You're all very welcome. Eyebleach is to the left.

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