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I was born in the year 20XX and sent back into the past via space capsule to prevent Judgement Day. I think they sent me back too early, because nothing is really happening yet. So, until I get the call, I'm usually just sitting around, readin' comics, playin' videogames, and drawrin' pictures.


- To get the power-up and save the princess. Will settle for steady job with decent healthcare plan.

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In which I make a madcap attempt to graphically showcase the classic world warriors of the Street Fighter franchise


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11:52 PM on 04.26.2010

Howdy sunshine. So good to see you back around these parts. (suggestive wink)

I found these four images in one of my art folders. They were done in the span of a weekend, and wouldn't you know it; there appears to be a theme. All four images are portraits of some sort. Interesting. Also, they are of wildly different style. Very interesting. I should drink wine more regularly. Apparently it makes me all creative n' shit.






This started off as an attempt to do a realistic interpretation of Boswer. When I finished, I noticed that I had forgotten his horns. So I decided to go for broke and make it weird. Kind of fun to look at.


Marvel's been on my mind a lot lately, what with the announcement of a new chapter in a certain franchise that features Spider-Man's and Mega Man's. So, I found myself drawing Ghost Rider. Well, actually, redesigning Ghost Rider. See, the way I see it, the living Spirit of Vengeance should be, you know, scary. So, I put Ghost Rider in a mixer with a Cenobite, and this is the flavor of Margarita that came out.

Haggar Time

I'm not going to bother explaining this. It speaks for itself.

The Princess

This one is... interesting. It actually turned out a lot better than I thought it would. I'm actually really happy with it - a rarity when I talk about my own work. I'm thinking this might be the start of a series of character portraits in a similar style. What do you think?


Alrighty, that's it. It's all over but the crying. Till next time,

Rambler's, keep ramblin'.

- Suitcoat

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