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Just saw this on aintitcool. Looks like Disney just dropped a cashbomb on Marvel, and scooped-up pretty much all of their characters in a merger. The most interesting question this raises is, who owns the film rights? Marvel licensed X-men, Fantastic Four, and Daredevil (amongst others), to Fox. Spider-Man is distributed by Colombia / Sony.

Now, Disney owns the characters, so does this mean Disney owns the rights to the films based on said characters again? After the way X-Men and Daredevil were manhandled by Fox, this might not be a bad thing.

This probably won't change much on the gaming front, but it does open some interesting ideas. Since Disney owns Marvel, does that mean further intercompany cross-promotion of games, a'la Kingdom Hearts? The thought of Spider-man hanging out with Jack Sparrow and Sora seems both hilariously Deviant Art-esque, but at the same time, a surefire money generator.


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