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I was born in the year 20XX and sent back into the past via space capsule to prevent Judgement Day. I think they sent me back too early, because nothing is really happening yet. So, until I get the call, I'm usually just sitting around, readin' comics, playin' videogames, and drawrin' pictures.


- To get the power-up and save the princess. Will settle for steady job with decent healthcare plan.

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In which I make a madcap attempt to graphically showcase the classic world warriors of the Street Fighter franchise


Slow Your Beast Roll

Slow Your Beast Roll CE Variant

Crazy Buffalo


Bearhug Mecha Zangief variant


Bloodbrother White

Bloodbrother Red

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11:49 AM on 08.24.2009

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This was an interesting one. I knew I wanted the motif to be 'madness', so I ended up playing with skewed layout, odd use of negative space, and a lot of layering so it's all jumbled together, all with the intention of making the viewer uncomfortable. There's a large amount of dark space... and it doesn't quite look right, does it? Additionally, I said 'screw it' with being super accurate to some very famous characters, and instead riffed on extreme versions. A certain Caped Crusader becomes an ominous, tentacled shape, while his madcap arch-enemy is a twisted collection of jagged edges like a shattered mirror.

Anyway, psyched to pick the game up tomorrow. To all of you people who have your hands on it already, I hate you.

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