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Suff0cat avatar 6:25 AM on 02.19.2008  (server time)
D-Toid totally invaded WWE RAW last night!

Your eyes don't decieve you, that really was a Destructoid sign you saw on last night's episode of WWE RAW.

Way back in November, I went to a taping of WWE RAW and brought along a very half-assed Destructoid sign that made a very brief TV appearance. Despite the crappiness of the sign, everyone seemed to dig the fact that I tried to spread the D-Toid name on national television. Once I got tickets to the next event I vowed to go all out and make an awesome sign to properly whore the most awesome gaming community around. Metallic duct tape, automobile reflectors, expense was to be spared this time.

Fast forward to last night, and it was time to show off the new and much improved Destructoid sign. Smuggled it in no problems, went to my seat, took a bunch of pictures, and held up the sign whenever I thought it would show up on screen. During commercials and after the show, I had more than a couple people say Nice sign then ask "what the hell is a Destructoid?"

Came home and saw JLanphear's blog as I waited for my TV to turn on. I was glad to see that someone saw the sign, then I watched RAW for myself and was even more happy to see that the sign popped up at least 15 times through out the 90 minute show. I also found a little bit of humor in WWE debuting an "8-Bit" John Cena shirt tonight:

Check out the gallery below for all the screenshots I was able to get of the D-Toid sign in action. And if you thought this was cool, just wait until June 3rd and's gonna be at least 100 times more epic ;)

[Update: February 23rd] The invasion didn't end on Monday. The robot sign was also visible in the Hornswoggle beat-down recap that was shown on ECW and Friday Night Smackdown. Added a couple screens from the Smackdown version since it was in HD and I could grab really big screens.

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