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Sueng avatar 9:52 AM on 09.02.2008  (server time)
PSP PSN Store Coming

According to, it seems that the PSP is getting their own version of the PSN store coming around the Fall in Japan, but most likely will be a global release for all when it is released in Japan. You'll get to purchase and download all your PSP demos and what not without the need of your PS3 or PC. It seems like there will also be an additional feature of linking up to the PS3 in order to play online. SWEET! You'll also be able to get Mainichi Issyo Portable (possibly Japan only) for free! DOUBLE SWEET! Anyways if the PSPN store is anywhere near as streamlined as its big brother, you could see me buying lotsa stuff on their store in the near future. Oh and CFW users may have to wait for this feature, sorry. What do you guys think of all the cool upcoming things for the PSP? Should we just expect trophies will be coming soon?

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