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Today, I woke up, sticky and probably foul smelling saliva in my mouth with one sole purpose, to download the latest Playstation Store content because last night, Sony wanted to get the hell out of the office. Well after dragging my butt to wake up, turn on my PS3 and going to the New Releases, there was one piece of content I wanted to immediately put on the top of my queue.

Thats right, Qore full year service. Now unlike many PS3 owners who are turned off by the idea of "paying for having ads shoved in your face for a year," I wasn't at all reluctant to immediately sign up for the service, cause so far, Sony has been nice to me: I wasn't forced to buy a PSN account, I didn't have to pay extra to get a wireless card or HDMI, heck Bluray even won, so why not help out Sony by trying their service out for a year?

Well the verdict is, I think Qore has potential. It might be $25 to get ads shoved in your face, but I see a lot of things that could make Qore not only great, but possibly setting a new trend in print media.

Well here's the rundown, once you download Qore, you have to install the 1.16 GB install and it could eventually be found in your XMB under the game menu. Well once you get all that initial mumbo jumbo out of the way, you get to see an awesome HD trailer of "the Incredible Hulk" which looks amazing, especially after you are greeted by a cute and corny geek who goes by the name none other than Veronica Belmont (I first noticed her on that Mahalo show where she's doing yoga poses like the picture above) but she comes out first to shove in your face how great Qore is going to be and then acts cute for no particular reason.

But the way the content is presented after this is both love and hate. Could Sony have done better? Hell yeah! But is this a great start? Most definitely! The idea of Qore itself is just true to whatever Sony is trying to do, to be different, to be a trendsetter, they hit spot on with this interactive magazine. They aimed to do something no one would do in the first place and they at least sold me to spend the money to try it out. I wouldn't mind at all to get my magazines in a digital format thats just so awesomely presented.

But the real question is, is it here to stay? I mean, the PS3 is projected with a 10 year life span, but how do you provide exclusive content especially in this day and age where people love to pirate their material. It just makes me wonder if Qore will even survive the light of day. But oh well, I am sold on the idea, I like Qore but there are some things that I know they could perform much better.

-If you're gonna put ads, either footnote them, embed them on the bottom of the page, or allow to skip the ad. Don't put it right on my face and make me waste 3-4 seconds of my life.
-Make a rewind and fast forward function in the videos, nothing is more annoying then watching the whole thing over again.
-Make Qore a community based interactive magazine. Allow things to be posted here like people's game saves, rosters (for sports games), user submitted videos of achievments, and other things. Don't restrict to just being the "background access."
-Put more content. I'm not spending essentially $2 a month to only know about (in this case, 4-5 games). Thats just not cool.

Anyways what do you guys think? Did Qore hit the spot? Is it going in the right direction? Or will it be something we'll totally forget?

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