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Suburban Gamers avatar 6:23 PM on 11.03.2013  (server time)
Girls Play Games: Spooky Edition

Hopefully, my fellow Suburban Gamer, you have already followed our Facebook page. No? That's OK. Well I would only assume you keep an eye on us over at our Twitter account...
What did you say? NO?!?!

Well. I'm sorry to say you then missed out on some of the greatest content Suburban Gamers have produced so far. It was a miniseries simply titled Girls Play Games: Spooky Edition, and boy was it a blast.

The premise is simple: we got girls to come over and play video games. Scary video games (ergo "Spooky Edition". Pretty clever, huh?). We wanted to start the series off with a bang so the immediate thought was to pick the Wii horror classic:

Obviously there was some misdirection on my statement above. We can all agree that this game is nothing but a pile of quick jump-scares and wonky controls in comparison to something like Resident Evil 4. The key is in the presentation, however. Games like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Fatal Frame become so cripplingly terrifying by creating ambiance. Making the player feel like something can happen at any moment, but carefully picking the proper moments to do so. All the situations bracing yourself for the potential scare around the corner is just as frightening or more than when it actually happens. Ju-On: The Grudge, however, will take any chance it can to eke even the smallest whimper of fear out of the player, thus making it perfect for quick play sessions and for. Also, the game is relatively simple to control and simple to complete outside of the sometimes poor level design.

We recruited six girls in all, which joined up into three pairs. The girls we invited knew they were going to play a scary video game. What they DIDN'T know, however, that our good friend Dan was hiding out in Grudge-esque attire behind the bookshelf next to them, waiting for the opportune moment to sneak out and take the duo on a one-way ticket to terror-vania. The result was a combination of horror and humor melded together in an explosion of awesomeness. Watch the series below:

Jacyann and Kate in the Warehouse

Tori and Jordan in the Hospital

Chrissy and Jen in the Apartment Complex

Enjoy, and happy (much belated) Halloween!

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