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Subliminal42 avatar 9:19 AM on 01.22.2011  (server time)
2010 Sucked: and so will 2011

We have already established just how awful 2010 was, I don't think I need to go over that again. But here we are less than a month into 2011 and all the optimism has been drained from my soul, at least this time last year I was kicking ass in Bayonetta and was still under the delusion that Final Fantasy XIII was going to be good this year I have nothing to be happy about.

You may ask why I am so Glum and I will respond with one word. "Nin-fucking-tendo". I should probably establish one thing. I live in Europe. I do not pay for my goods with US Dollars and there's one reason for that.

250 =/= $250.

Now, I want a 3DS. I love Nintendo handhelds and the 3DS looks fantastic but Nintendo's complete disregard for Europeans has left me in quite a conundrum. In the UK the prices are going around 220. That's $350

Just contemplate that, An American consumer could get the 3DS and maybe 2 games for the same price that a British consumer could get just a 3DS.

Why is this? People will obviously come in blaming the EU (Nintendo are allowed to tell retailers what price to sell the 3DS at in America, they can only recommend a price to European retailers) but I feel that responsibility lies in Nintendo's hands. They recommended a price for the DS, the DSlite, the DSi and the Wii whereas they are letting the retailers set the price for the 3DS.

To cut a long story short. Nintendo are letting the retailers shaft the UK and EU consumers. We are paying a lot more than our US counterparts and that is not fair.

that is also why 2011 will suck.

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