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2:13 AM on 02.11.2008

What blogs are for, but this one is going to be to share my love of all things Mario Galaxy!

I am in love with this game.

I heard good things about it, but frankly, I just figured I'd be disappointed. I thought Sunshine was a solid game, but very boring and uninspiring. Mario Galaxy is a great return to form. And jumping from one little planet to the next kinda blows me away. I love the freaky gravity system. It just makes me want to play Tetrisphere Wii with a Wiimote!

I have only gotten about twenty stars, but I already just find myself amazed. And it's a good looking game. but most of all, the gameplay gets me. I just love this game.

Another game I thought was nowhere near as bad as people said it was, was Assassin's Creed for PS3. BUT, I do think it ended up being incredibly underwhelming. Only because it had so much potential. It still does, both in story and gameplay. I would give it a solid 7.5 - 8.0. The story and concept is very cool. Biggest problem I found was the repetitive nature of the game and quests. With such a huge world, they should have had a higher level of interactivity with NPCs etc. Just more, I think. It was all very monotonous after a while and the gameplay wasn't capitalized on more. I do hope the sequel goes further. And I look forward to it. This is by no means a badly made game. It just really wishes it was more. And I wish it was more too.

The fighting system needs to be cooler. With a guy who can move around buildings the way he does, I'd expect him to have a more fluid fighting style and be a much better fighter than he is. It's quite jarring to go from fluid movements across rooftops to rather clumsy fights.

I did find it a bit brutal, but with its title, I shouldn't have expected less I normally have a hard time enjoying explicitly violent games, but this wasn't too bad because of the story. I like sci-fi and history, so this piqued my interest. the graphics and atmosphere is just perfect. It's like Kingdom of Heaven in your PS3!

Having said that all, and given this game a good, but not great score, I do think it's about the best game I've played on the PS3, which doesn't bode well for my black box of shite. I love it for playing music, but since it doesn't play all my divx files, and doesn't have many great games on it, I find it the least used of my three machines. I like Motostorm though, for some odd reason, it just rocks my socks. Don't like FPS so Resistance and TimeShift don't blow me away, but I think they're good games. Just not my type. Oddly enough, Super Rub a Duck is a closet fav of mine hahaha. Or whatever it's called. I love it.

Anyway, my rant is over.

2:49 PM on 11.11.2007

I hate this stupid writer's strike. I don't even care if it shuts down tv. If I had free time to watch tv, I'd be playing games instead! What I do care about is how much shit this is causing for everyone else. All the 'little' people who aren't part of this stupid union [never liked Unions]. It could be that I come from a different country and I prefer the ECC approach instead of some union boss telling me what I should do for my own good so he can line his own filthy pocket.

But I digress, this shit has been going on way too long and is starting to impact a lot of other people who are starting to lose their entire livelihoods. I think what I hate most about it is that the WGA expects everyone to give a toss about them, but they're really not showing the same regard to other people who are in weaker positions and aren't part of their fight. It just screams selfish. You want a better deal, all well and good, but don't fuck everyone else over at the same time and expect them to smile about it. Maybe it's time to look at the U.K. and their approach, or even Australia.

They all need a good dose of Mario Galaxy or Assasin's creed. No wait, that's me. Come out already!

Anyone have a winner for this?

My first pick would be Eternal Darkness for GameCube, but I'm not sure if that was underrated or not. I just know it was very cool. I really wish there had of been a sequel made to that, because it had a very cool concept that I felt could have been delved into a bit more.

Beyond Good and Evil comes to mind as well. I really enjoyed that game and I don't know how good it did or if there is going to be a sequel.

Does anyone out there have a really strong contender for most underrated game of all time? From the 8-bit gen to the current one, take your pick. I'm pretty sure there will be many valid suggestions.

5:30 PM on 10.27.2007

Is anyone else here a fan of the Age of Empires series?

I don't know how I ended up being a fan. I was first introduced by my dad of all people, who has a hard time checking his email, but somehow has mastered slaughtering the Turks before they reach their zenith in the imperial age. I, of course, refer to AOEII: The Age of Kings.

I'm afraid my memory of Age 1 is a little rusty now, but I remember thinking back in the dark ages [pre 2000] that Age 2 was a real improvement. And I think it was the Conquerors edition that first introduced farming queues. And thankfully every age after has abandoned that need altogether.

I enjoyed Age of Mythology a lot, because it was original and at the time looked quite pretty. Age 2 looks quite garish now, but it seems to still get played more than Civ 4, which I also love. I suppose everyone has games they play perhaps because their friends or family play it. Age 2 is one of those games that I play against friends and family between Australia and New Zealand.

I enjoyed Age 3 a lot, but nobody else had it, so I tend to still play Age 2 more. Most of the people who have Age 2 don't bother upgrading their computers graphics cards and are happy sticking with a game they know, rather than a new one [that feels quite like the old one but with pretty graphics]. Playing the computer isn't as much fun as playing against a real person.

I'm looking forward to getting into more serious Age 3 playing when more of the Age 2 group move up to it. But considering how many years they've been on that game, i don't expect that any time soon. I suppose the good thing about Age 2 is that it'll run on pretty much any machine out today, but Age 3 isn't so.

I really love this old gem of a game. Another game I loved, was the first Rise of Nations. I thought that was a really solid game. But that, like Age 3, isn't widely played by anyone I know. That was a very solid game. I enjoy these kinds of games. Can anyone recommend similar games to Age 2, even if they're old [sometimes I prefer the older games anyway].

I've heard rumours of a fourth and fifth game, but I would prefer to see Age 1 get a makeover and perhaps have some of Age 2 or 3's gameplay [and a little graphical upgrade] added to it. Mainly because of the historical context. And the lack of ballistics and guns is something I enjoy.

Anyone else a fan of these games or am I an odd one out?

Blasphemy to even suggest it to some, I know. It was definitely an incredible game. On the Wii I still found it as good as on the Cube. When it first came out on the Cube, I just couldn't get over the graphics. It remains an incredibly beautiful game and a solid one at that. It was critically well received. I think moreso than any RE before it. However, it did mark a significant post Umbrella era in the series.

So, for you RE fans out there, do you think RE4 was a good entry in the overall franchise, or was it so vastly different to the games before it, both in style and story, that it perhaps heralded the demise of old school Resident Evil? I loved the RE remake on the Cube, I loved RE2 on PSOne, I loved Code Veronica on Dreamcast. I would definitely consider myself an RE fan. I consider RE4 a stellar game, probably the best out of the series gameplay and graphics wise. It just feels a little odd, very different. Agree or disagree?

This was under my name thing on the front page and really, when I saw it, I thought 'someone is psychic', because I would!

I absolutely freaking loved Final Fantasy 7. It made me love the PSOne even more than I already did. I would seriously freak over seeing a remake. Resident Evil was remade on the cube, and it was rather awesome too. I'd love to see FF7 remade on the PS3, fully exploiting all the blu-ray ok-ness.

I wonder though, if it would have the same appeal? It could, but I suppose for such a ig game, it would be a huge undertaking just for nostalgia's sake. But I think if they handle it right, it could seriously unleash itself to a new generation of gamers who like their fancy schmancy graphics and wifi whateverness. I remember seeing that teaser of FF7 remade, and wished it were true. I don't enjoy the spin offs, but I would love to see the original remade, not reimagined. Just remade. We don't need someone doing to FF7 what Tim Burton did to Planet of the Apes and what J.J. Abrams will no doubt do to Star Trek.

The only other game I love as much ias Ocarina of Time, but I don't really feel that needs a remake ... yet. FF7 could, because well, I'm not sure, I just want one. Mainly to bring it to a new generation of gaming and give it the kudos I feel it deserves. For or against?