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SubOrbital avatar 2:13 AM on 02.11.2008  (server time)
I do not know

What blogs are for, but this one is going to be to share my love of all things Mario Galaxy!

I am in love with this game.

I heard good things about it, but frankly, I just figured I'd be disappointed. I thought Sunshine was a solid game, but very boring and uninspiring. Mario Galaxy is a great return to form. And jumping from one little planet to the next kinda blows me away. I love the freaky gravity system. It just makes me want to play Tetrisphere Wii with a Wiimote!

I have only gotten about twenty stars, but I already just find myself amazed. And it's a good looking game. but most of all, the gameplay gets me. I just love this game.

Another game I thought was nowhere near as bad as people said it was, was Assassin's Creed for PS3. BUT, I do think it ended up being incredibly underwhelming. Only because it had so much potential. It still does, both in story and gameplay. I would give it a solid 7.5 - 8.0. The story and concept is very cool. Biggest problem I found was the repetitive nature of the game and quests. With such a huge world, they should have had a higher level of interactivity with NPCs etc. Just more, I think. It was all very monotonous after a while and the gameplay wasn't capitalized on more. I do hope the sequel goes further. And I look forward to it. This is by no means a badly made game. It just really wishes it was more. And I wish it was more too.

The fighting system needs to be cooler. With a guy who can move around buildings the way he does, I'd expect him to have a more fluid fighting style and be a much better fighter than he is. It's quite jarring to go from fluid movements across rooftops to rather clumsy fights.

I did find it a bit brutal, but with its title, I shouldn't have expected less I normally have a hard time enjoying explicitly violent games, but this wasn't too bad because of the story. I like sci-fi and history, so this piqued my interest. the graphics and atmosphere is just perfect. It's like Kingdom of Heaven in your PS3!

Having said that all, and given this game a good, but not great score, I do think it's about the best game I've played on the PS3, which doesn't bode well for my black box of shite. I love it for playing music, but since it doesn't play all my divx files, and doesn't have many great games on it, I find it the least used of my three machines. I like Motostorm though, for some odd reason, it just rocks my socks. Don't like FPS so Resistance and TimeShift don't blow me away, but I think they're good games. Just not my type. Oddly enough, Super Rub a Duck is a closet fav of mine hahaha. Or whatever it's called. I love it.

Anyway, my rant is over.

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