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SubOrbital's blog

2:13 AM on 02.11.2008

I do not know

What blogs are for, but this one is going to be to share my love of all things Mario Galaxy! I am in love with this game. I heard good things about it, but frankly, I just figured I'd be disappointed. I thought Sunshine ...   read

2:49 PM on 11.11.2007


I hate this stupid writer's strike. I don't even care if it shuts down tv. If I had free time to watch tv, I'd be playing games instead! What I do care about is how much shit this is causing for everyone else. All the 'li...   read

5:25 PM on 11.03.2007

Most underrated game of all time?

Anyone have a winner for this? My first pick would be Eternal Darkness for GameCube, but I'm not sure if that was underrated or not. I just know it was very cool. I really wish there had of been a sequel made to that, beca...   read

5:30 PM on 10.27.2007

Age of Empires

Is anyone else here a fan of the Age of Empires series? I don't know how I ended up being a fan. I was first introduced by my dad of all people, who has a hard time checking his email, but somehow has mastered slaughtering t...   read

6:40 AM on 10.26.2007

Resident Evil 4 - Best RE ever or where it jumped the shark?

Blasphemy to even suggest it to some, I know. It was definitely an incredible game. On the Wii I still found it as good as on the Cube. When it first came out on the Cube, I just couldn't get over the graphics. It remains...   read

11:11 PM on 10.25.2007

Would cut off a tit to play a FF7 remake?

This was under my name thing on the front page and really, when I saw it, I thought 'someone is psychic', because I would! I absolutely freaking loved Final Fantasy 7. It made me love the PSOne even more than I already did...   read

5:03 PM on 10.18.2007

Something controversial and non-Gaming

I'm just curious about something. The net is a rather wonderful beast as it allows people from all over the world to connect up and talk about their favourite shit etc, get into flaming wars. There is a downside to that tho...   read

6:10 PM on 10.12.2007

Retro Daze

In my last three posts I blabbed on about the different machines. While all three have their advantages, some more pronounced than others, all three have their disadvantages. Wii - craphics and catalogue, 360 - Game diversi...   read

6:40 AM on 10.11.2007

Wii - Are you happy with yours?

The last of my blog posts on the three machines. Perhaps the most controversial of the three machines. The Nintendo Wii. First of all, the name revelation made me think it was a piss poor joke. Pun intended. I mean, seri...   read

6:35 PM on 10.09.2007

Xbox 360 - Are you happy with yours?

To continue the theme of the last post I made, I'll move onto the 360 and ask owners out there if they are happy with their machines. Now, to give my own view on this subject, I have to say that in general, I am more than ha...   read

12:39 AM on 10.08.2007

PS3 - Are you happy with yours?

This is for those of you who own a PS3. How do you feel about your purchase? Do you feel satisfied with it? The PS3 has taken a lot of crap since its release and I agree in one area, and that is the lack of worthwhile titl...   read

5:04 PM on 10.03.2007

HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray

Hey everyone, This is related to gaming in that it uses the consoles. I'm curious to know what people out there think of the HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray debate. I tend to lean towards HD-DVD because of the interactivity features an...   read

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