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Styles B LKV avatar 4:30 PM on 05.10.2009  (server time)
Resurface, Resmurface.

So awhile ago I borrowed my buddy Halo 3 because his two boys LOVE Halo. Lately my buddies I game with have been play Halo 3 again when CoD4 gets boring so I decided it was time to get my copy back. I was horrified to see it covered in minor and major scratches and I cannot afford to take it in to get it resurfaced.But then a light bulb went off and I remembered something my friend showed me in Junior High to take scratches out of music CDs and I figured I didn't have much to lose.

With the instructions running through my head I went into my bthroom and grabbed my toothpaste, Windex and a lighter. Put a decent amount of toothpaste smeared around it and let it sit for a moment and then got it all off with the Windex and a soft paper towel. To ensure it's all off you run a lighter around the bottom and throw her in and it's as good as new... at least whenever I do it.

I don't recommend it, but I'll be damned if it doesn't work. If you have a game that's scratched to fuck and no where near by that resurfaces, you don't have much to lose.

As always, here is some filler...

Wood Filler is not recommended for procedure detailed above.

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