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Styles B LKV avatar 5:45 PM on 05.20.2009  (server time)
My UFC 2009 Impressions.

I haven't seen too much discussion about the game yet which has surprised me as MMA has really taken off in the past few years and this game is damn good, damn frustrating but damn good. As fun as the game is it does have it's flaws however first lets delve into the good things about it.

- The roster is fantastic. You have everyone from Brock Lesnar to BJ Penn. There;s something so satisfying about knocking out Tito Ortiz with Rampage.

-Classic Bouts are great addition for any MMA fan. Reproducing Rampage first round knockout of Liddell and GSP making Hughes tap in the second round with an arm bar. Lots of fun matches to replay the the production on it is nice, you get a breif rundown of the fight's history by (the ever so hott) Rachel Leah.

-The TV presentation is fantastic. The introductions are nice, the commentary is solid and the recaps between rounds is spot on.

-Career feels like you're in the UFC. You are going to get your shit packed more than once unless you're on beginner, even then you still might have it packed a time or two. You MUST spar, I made the mistake of just training my cardio, strength and speed and once I got past the no names my ass was grass.

-It's not a button masher, you can only get so far by button mashing... you need to learn the timing and everything if you want to really get anywhere.

-Dude, it's UFC. There hasn't been a decent (if any) MMA game in years.

-IT'S FUCKING HARD! The learning curve is fucking steep! Even if you have the fight in the bag you can get caught and lose.

-If you're on your back, just put the controller down, odds are you're gonna lose.

-No Randy Couture. They were able to get Tito Ortiz's punkass but not Randy Couture? I call shennagians

That's really about it for the cons. This game will suck you in. I've spent a rather lengthy amount of time with the game in the past day and a half and I've still have awhile to go, haven't even had a title fight in career yet. Once I'm unspsended from X-Box Live (apparently having "911 WAS AN INSIDE JOB" as your motto is offensive.) I plan on trying a few online fights.

Here's some filler since we all enjoy pictures...

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