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The extent of my hardcoreness would we that I still have my PSX, controller, memory card and Final Fantasy VIII locked up for a rainy day. Other than that I still have my Dreamcast just for Shenmue and Seaman. I'll goto my grave saying Indigo Prophecy and Dreamfall; The Longest Journey are two of the best games of all time.

Top 5 Games:
1) Final Fantasy VIII
2) Indigo Prophecy
3) Shenmue I & II
4) Dreamfall; The Longest Journey
5) Rock Band/Guitar Hero series

Top 5 Books:
1) The Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx
2) The Dirt by Motley Crue
3) Blue Rage; Black Redemption by Stanley Williams
4) Walk This Way by Aerosmith
5) Tommyland by Tommy Lee

Other than that I absolutely love long walks on the beach, drinking beer, and killen. Oh and Motley Crue FTW! Nikki Sixx is the man!
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It started with some simple spring cleaning of my entertainment center. I just needed to get my PSX and Dreamcast somewhere in it rather that sitting out in the open prone to being knocked down and making me cry. Then I saw my old TV upstairs and knew what to do. Bring that baby down and set up a corner to immerse myself in PSX and Dreamcast goodness. But I couldn't leave well enough alone and decided to start working on a retro corner, once it's done I'll post pics. However I couldn't leave well enough alone and decided to go a little more retro which lead me to Play N Trade again, see my purchases won't you?

To anyone who read about my last trip to PnT will know I picked up a sealed copy of Chrono Cross. After reading the numerous "Chrono Trigger was better." I did some research and Retrowear had an amazing look at the game which sold me on it. So that was number one on my list. I put my trades on the counter and before they began pricing them out I told them I want the Final Fantasy Chronicles they had, happly he gave me the sealed one for the same price as the opened copy. Then I went for the second item on my list, the Retro-Duo system. To keep it truely retro I should have picked up a SNES and NES but they didn't have a NES in stock, oh well we'll just say I'm going for a modern retro theme since my "old" tv is a widescreen HDTV. I had enough left to pick up 2 games so I chose a classic in Mega Man 2 and Super Star Wars. I haven't played either game in ages but I can still remember exactly where I was the first time I played each of the games.

I am beginning to fall more and more in love with that stroe. I'm going back next weekend to for sure get Pilot Wings and Donkey Kong Country. Then I'm going to head to a few other stores and see if I can find any other gems.

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