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Styles B LKV
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My Epic Game Purchase.

I've been on a bit of a retro kick as of lates so I decided to hit up my local Play & Trade to see what I can't find and I decided to pick up Saint's Row 2 (already beat it and sold it but the DLC is out now.) another copy of...


I Need a New Drum Kit.

So it seems my RB1 drum kit is starting to puke out on me, sometimes it refuses to pick up strikes no matter how hard or soft I hit the pad. So I've decided it's time to get a new set. I'm debating between the Guitar Hero set...


My time with Killzone 2

Am I late to the party? Oh well, so I finally got around to pikcin this up today and after a little bit of time on the single and multiplayer I can say I am satisfied with it. I'm not overly excited about having it finally an...


WTF? That is NOT Last Resort!

I was excited this morning... one of my favorite songs, Last Resort by Papa Roach, was coming out on Rock Band 2 today. Son as I woke up I grabbed a smoke, can of Monster and my beloved plastic guitar and loaded up the game. ...


More Live Downtime?

We all know that Live was down on Monday... big update (that we have nothing to show fore) so no harm, no foul. I come home yesterday filled with joy knowing that not only will Live be up and running, but I can download Under...


About Styles B LKVone of us since 4:58 PM on 09.12.2007

The extent of my hardcoreness would we that I still have my PSX, controller, memory card and Final Fantasy VIII locked up for a rainy day. Other than that I still have my Dreamcast just for Shenmue and Seaman. I'll goto my grave saying Indigo Prophecy and Dreamfall; The Longest Journey are two of the best games of all time.

Top 5 Games:
1) Final Fantasy VIII
2) Indigo Prophecy
3) Shenmue I & II
4) Dreamfall; The Longest Journey
5) Rock Band/Guitar Hero series

Top 5 Books:
1) The Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx
2) The Dirt by Motley Crue
3) Blue Rage; Black Redemption by Stanley Williams
4) Walk This Way by Aerosmith
5) Tommyland by Tommy Lee

Other than that I absolutely love long walks on the beach, drinking beer, and killen. Oh and Motley Crue FTW! Nikki Sixx is the man!

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