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This blog will be rarely updated.

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eSports: Mindgames, Mindgames, Mindgames.

Evolution 2011 has come and gone, and with it came a string of intense, short bursts of the most exciting things in the world of gaming today. This year, Evo shattered every streaming record, with over 2 Million unique vie...


I Pirate Shit and I Don't Care.

I soft modded my Wii, have about 10-15 games on it. (Note, I can play DL'd Wii games online) I play some of my DS games on No$GBA or DreamS I pirate a good bit of PC games. Really only buy them during steam sales. The only th...


About Stumblebeeone of us since 3:49 PM on 08.19.2007

I'm a college student, Gamestop employee, and a remorseless pirate. Come at me, bro!

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