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Studakris's blog

5:35 PM on 04.23.2011

A "Gamer" Identity Crisis

So I finally beat Portal. Not the second one, mind you, but the first. The one that came out over 3 years ago. The one Iíd been putting off finishing for over a year now. Even though I owned a copy of the Orange Box, I just ...   read

3:44 PM on 04.05.2011

Future Nostalgia: Secret of Mana

Personal Background: I vaguely remember hearing of this game when it was first released. It made the cover of Nintendo Power and had a very interesting write up which gave hints and gameplay advice in the first person voic...   read

12:01 PM on 04.02.2011

Future Nostalgia: A Call for Games

Okay Destructoid Community, help me out here. As I mentioned in my intro blog, I didn't have a television or non-portable gaming console during my childhood. As such, there are fairly large gaps in my gaming background. Alth...   read

4:25 PM on 02.10.2011

Game Mechanics as Aspects of Characterization: A Study in Final Fantasy VI

I donít hide that my favorite Final Fantasy game of all time is VI for the SNES. Thereís a whole lot thatís done right with it, from the music, to the storyline, to the memorable ensemble. I find it remarkable that Square w...   read

12:16 PM on 01.29.2011

Go Ahead, Square Enix, Make My Life

So I noticed it's been months since I posted anything. Sadly, nothing too much has changed with my life. I'm nearing the end of the class portion of my Ph. D and will be starting on writing my dissertation in earnest. Additio...   read

2:31 PM on 04.10.2010

Help Destructoid, You're Not My Only Hope

I know this might not be the most traditional place to ask for advice, but hey, we're all gamers here and this relates. I'm in the market for an HDTV. I like LEDs, but wouldn't be opposed to another type if the picture was g...   read

10:28 AM on 03.17.2010

A Suggestion to War Game Designers, Or Why Can't the Doughboys Get Some Love?

I'm a historian by trade, well a grad student 2 years away from becoming Dr. Studakris, to be exact. Regardless, I've always had an interest in historically based games. Age of Empires, the original Call, Civilization, etc. A...   read

5:06 PM on 03.16.2010

A Rational Response to the 4.0 FFXIII Review

First, hey, everyone's entitled to their own opinion. While I don't agree with many of Mr. Sterling's points, I respect his right to have them. But honestly, I like the game. Pretty much for the reasons he cannot stand it. ...   read

6:16 PM on 03.10.2010

A Besmirch on my Gamer Cred: I Didnít Like ďChrono TriggerĒ

Because of my parentís policy on TV in the house (which was none at all), the majority of my childhood gaming was done on portable systems. Although I loved my adventures on the black and white screen, I was keenly aware of a...   read

1:18 PM on 03.10.2010

One Day into Final Fantasy XIII (minor spoilers)

I suppose I should get this out into the open now, I bought my PS3 about a month ago with the implicit purpose of getting FFXIII. Sure, Iíve enjoyed playing Uncharted 2 and Valkayria Chronicles, but they were just the appetiz...   read

4:26 PM on 02.23.2010

In Defense of Portable Gaming and TWEWY

When I was 6 years old, my teenaged brother received one of the greatest Christmas gifts I would ever get. It was a Game Boy. By the time the next Christmas came around, I had usurped ownership of the device from him, becomin...   read

9:24 AM on 02.23.2010


So I guess I'm supposed to do a proper introduction to my blog. Well, here it goes. I'm currently a grad student getting my doctorate in American History. So yeah, that right there eats up the vast majority of my time. Addit...   read

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