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3:17 PM on 04.11.2009

Call of Duty 4 X360 online is glitched, pure awesome (shortblog)

If you've played CoD4 on the Xbox 360 online today, you may have ended up in a room where everything is either 2x sped-up or 2x slown down. I haven't seen an announcement from IW regarding fixing it, so jump online and experience it while you can!

To any of you that have entered the Matrix or have been blessed with super speed, how was it? Was it super-frickin-awesome? Or did you get super fucked over because your sensitivity was too high/low?

Check out videos of the mods here.   read

3:25 PM on 04.02.2009

Filefront to remain open, rejoice

You may have read that FileFront were shutting up shop at the end of March. Well as it turns out, they've been acquired by the previous founders and have shot Ziff Davis Media in the groin.

FileFront has been acquired by the original founders of the site and will NOT be suspended as previously announced. This is NOT an April Fool's Joke.

After learning about Ziff Davis Media's plan to suspend FileFront at the end of March, the original founders of FileFront made the decision to buy it back from Ziff Davis Media.

We're happy to announce to the gaming community that as of today, April 1st, 2009, FileFront is a completely independent company again and is no longer part of Ziff Davis Media. All previously suspended services should be active and working again. We thank Ziff Davis Media for their cooperation and willingness to keep the site and community alive.

Due to the very unfortunate timing of this event and related announcements on March 24th and April 1st (April Fool's Day), we'd like to make it perfectly clear that:

1) 1) The March 24th announcement about FileFront suspending its operation was NOT an early April Fool's joke.

2) This announcement about the original founders buying back FileFront from Ziff Davis Media is also NOT an April Fool's joke.

3) We're making this announcement on April 1st because the deal was completed today and we want to bring all services back online immediately.

4) We would NEVER suspend FileFront as an April Fool's joke.

5) We are happy to be back!

FileFront has existed in one form or another (originally as FileLeech and Voodoo Extreme's downloads) since 1997. In the last 12 years, FileFront has become the gaming community's most comprehensive and trafficked library hosting millions of files for thousands of games while requiring no registration and providing uncapped download speeds. We look forward to improving FileFront and serving the gaming community for years to come.

Welcome home. Game On!

Email us, [email protected]

Yay!   read

10:02 PM on 03.28.2009

New Test Drive Unlimited 2 info, did I hear someone say yay

TDU was an awesome game. It was the first game to feature the Chrysler ME Four-Twelve and the open world racing system worked pretty well. I especially loved buying houses and shizzle, although customizable avatars were sadly missing.

The sequel though, offers up a much more realistic approach to living on an island and racing. Proper cut scenes, friends and foes, petrol gauges, plastic surgery and all other kinds of enhanced stuff will be featured in the title which at this moment has no set release date, but will "probably be seeing its official unveiling sometime later this year".

It is planned to actually have a story this time around told through cutscenes and dialoges. The player will meet both friends and foes throughout the career while starting with nothing somewhere in nowhere. Your ingame avatar will have more tuning options then before, more clothes, more accessories, tattoos and body pircing. There will be hairstylists and barber shops where you can get a cut or a completely new hairstyle. You have problems with the police or some enemies and you don't want that they recognize you anymore, no problem, go to the clinic and undertake a plastic surgery on your face or anyother cosmetical treatment. Here is an early ingame look on the updated avatar.

See the fuel gauge? Time to fill up and drive conservatively...

In case you wondered what happened to all the normal cars and bikes after you heard all that off-road stuff, don't worry, nearly all, if not all your favorite makes from TDU will be back including some new ones. But since this is something where licenses are involved, nothing can be confirmed nor denied at the moment until the deals are fix, and as you may know from the past, licensing issues like to appear at the very last moment.

In case of cars, you will have this time a bit more control, not just the windows or the radio, this time you will be able to turn on, turn off the windshield wipers, thanks to the rain, or in case you are driving an convertibel, open/close the roof, just to name a few.

The world is planned to be more richer in detail, to have more life, thanks to that that the people in the game will actually talk this time around, there will be a story, you will have to fight your way up to the top, not just switching from one task to another like in TDU.

[FINAL UPDATE]Part 4 - Here we go with the final bit of teasing.

Races and tournaments on actual closed racing circuits are planned to play a bigger role this time. Also a full 24 hour night and day cycle is planned to finally find its way into the game. Will be of importance cause some missions and races will be only accessible at a certain time.

TDU2: An early look at the Main Menu

Following is an early look at the map screen, you may notice the clock at the top in the middle, below it the display for the current weather and below that a graph going from dawn till dusk, all of importance for the player.

TDU2: An early look at the Map

Another new thing which you probably noticed in the screen before will be racing schools respectively driving schools. Those will be necessary for the player not only to learn to drive all the vehicle classes in the game but also mastering a license will open up the vehicles from the corresponding vehicle class for the player at the various dealers and also give him access to new missions, races and tournaments which were previously closed.

TDU2: An early look at a Racing School

TDU2: An early look at the Car Dealers

TDU2: An early look at a Checkpoint Race

Ohh and before I forget it the team from Pink Whale's CAR WASH service is more then happy to serve their customers this time around.

That's it. Hope you all enjoyed that little teasing, now it's up to eden to finally finish it. An official unveiling of the game at this years E3 is possible but not fix at the moment so fingers crossed for the best.

Over and out

What do you guys think about the enhancements? Did you ever play the original Test Drive Unlimited?

[source: Forza Central]   read

9:28 PM on 03.28.2009

SSBB in 720p

Graphically, the Wii is nowhere near the more powerful PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles. However, thanks to an emulator called Dolphin, Super Smash Bros Brawl has received 720 graphical enhancements as demonstrated in the video below.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl running on the PC using Dolphin revision 2671 (click HD):


[source: The Awesomer]   read

9:32 PM on 03.27.2009

Can you go 1 hour without power? (KVGR)

8.30 PM your time on Saturday 28th March. Can/Will you do it?

I won't. I'll be watching TV, downloading music, playing Ikaruga (this game is so awesome/hard) AND leaving all the lights on in my house. At the same time.   read

8:48 PM on 03.27.2009

Watchmen: The End Is Nigh Part 1 Review

You may have noticed a trend with video games that are based off of movies. This trend is that they suck in pretty much every way possible. However, there are a select bunch of titles that don’t attest to this notion: Scarface, The Chronicles of Rid****: Escape from Butcher’s Bay, The Warriors, erm… Metal Gear Solid 4’s cut scenes, and perhaps some others that I haven’t played, but the general consensus for the movie to game transition is a bleak one.

Watchmen: The End Is Nigh serves as a prequel to the movie and delivers the two chosen heroes, Nite Owl II and Rorschach, going about their daily routine of being a gruesome-twosome crime-fighting double act throughout New York City. They’re summoned to a prison which has turned victim of a crazed riot following some kind of beef over stolen lip-stick or something. It later turns out that a crime lord, known as The Underboss, used the riot as a ploy to escape the prison and do crime-lordy things. This annoys Batman and Rob- I mean Nite Owl and Rorschach, and they set out on finding this S.O.B.

If you’ve ever played The Warriors, you will be extremely familiar with the combat system and the actual combat itself. Hits are realistic (as in punches properly connect, arms don’t continue through the face as if it’s not there) and several combos and slow-mo finishing moves are unlockable. Most of the gameplay is simply repetition, as after an area full of bad guys is cleared out, the camera spins round to the location ahead and more bad guys appear, making the combos and finishing moves all that more welcome. Collecting tokens increases the move list and adds more to your rage bar, which can be used to add more power to your punches/throws/weapon strikes.

The weapons aren’t really plentiful, I spotted a baseball bat, a baton, a blade, a crowbar, a glass bottle and some kind of electrical baton (unless that was Nite Owl II shocking all the punks surrounding me…), each categorized into what I’m presuming by the finishing moves – long and short. Short weapon finishing moves end up with your character leaping onto the opponents back and repeatedly clubbing them in the head finished by a brutal direct hit to the face, and long weapons simply crack the foes skull in two. They’re quite spectacular despite the lack of variety, and being all bloody in slow-mo makes them look pretty cool.

Melee finishing moves are also striking, with one of Rorscach’s in particular opting for a Chris Jericho style backbreaker followed by an elbow to the, what seemed to be, groin/thigh area and consequently inducing smiles all round. Others include elbow drops, headbutts, monumental energy blasts and violent knees to the temple – all by pressing a big button when it appears on the screen.

Much to my disappointment, this is made all to easy by the plainly idiotic A.I enemies who spend half of their time Mexican waving with each other just waiting their turn to get pounded on. Again, the finishing moves help their clearout be a little less tedious and putting an above-average combo together to wipe out a big group is rather satisfying.

In essence all you really do is beat people up and pull some levers. The chapters are all extremely similar (despite the last) and begin with you taking some guys out, pulling some levers to open some doors, taking some more guys out, pulling some more levers, and then finally taking out the last wave of enemies and completing the chapter.

I was surprised by the visuals in Watchmen: The End Is Nigh. The main characters are extremely polished and even though the areas are either brown, grey, or on fire, and most of the game is set underground/at night, I didn’t find myself once think “oh, that doesn’t look too good” (that is until I ran into the GTA3 style helicopter which was as plain as a road). The animations were sometimes sloppy, mainly when I attempted to throw a guy off the top prison floor only to throw him into a wall, but it looked pretty funny. This is definitely one of the best looking XBLA games.

Is it worth 1600 MSPoints? No. Should Deadline Games have released this as a full title? No. Should they have bought it out at all? Yes. Watchmen: The End Is Nigh is a quick blast and a game that had potential – yet poor execution and a lack of online co-op sadly put this game in with the near-full “we’re movie-licensed games and we suck” club.   read

11:10 AM on 03.23.2009

Some punks design a Dtoid-ish-helmet-copy style tshirt


[source]   read

11:12 AM on 03.16.2009

Happy Birthday kids. Plus a little game

First of all, I just wanna wish the ladies and gentlemen here a happy birthday. I visited this site wayyyy before I signed up, and I feel like a complete cunt because of this.

Anyway, with birthdays comes fun and games. How many times have you visited Destructoid?

If you use Firefox (which you should do), then there's a neat little trick that tells you how many times you've visited a site. Follow my image guide below, and share your results.

My answer:

Yes, 13,389 times



6:34 PM on 03.15.2009

For the more old school Dtoid users...

I found these in my Photobucket (I created them some time in between late 2006 - early 2007 for one of my buddies who contributed on here):

I'm not sure whether these seen the light of day on Dtoid, but if they did, I'd like to thank the guy that published them. So, thanks.

Also, if you have a link to the post they're involved in (on any website), please leave it hurr.   read

6:00 PM on 03.03.2009

Apparent leaked CoD MW2 details

Taken from Tilted Screen:

*Vehicles will be in MW2

*M16 will return, using stopping power will only be OHK at head, neck, and torso (abdomen, limbs, and hands/feet will not)

*Ak47 and M4 will return, unknown if there are any changes

*M40 will return, ACOG damage boost will be fixed

*Scorpion, P90, M21, R700, G3, G360 will not return

*There are more unknown weapons that will not return

*New sniper rifle: SR25M (United states forces)

*New Assault rifle: Diemeco C8 (Canadian forces M4 equivelant)

*New Assault rifle: L85A2 (United Kingdom forces)

*Total weapons in multiplayer are said to be around 35

*Favourite Modern warfare 1 maps will return

*Helicopters, air strikes, UAV will return

*Red dot sightings will come in different shapes for multiplayer (circular, square, original)

*Snipers will have special grass camouflage (As seen in Modern warfare 1’s campaign)

*All perks will return from MW except eavesdrop and others will be altered

*All gametypes will return from MW and all will have hardcore versions

*New gametype: Secure (Call of duty version of capture the flag, however you capture the enemy’s Intel)

*New gametype unconfirmed name, similar to search and destroy, however instead of trying to plant a bomb, you try to kill a specified enemy

*Solider customization for each class (and each country)

*Sniper with silencers will NOT be in multiplayer

*There are NO bots in local multiplayer

*Similar version to Nazi Zombies, however details are unknown

*NO guest players online, 1 player per console

*Killcam save feature

*There is blood and gore

*Offline/Online Co-op

*Story takes place in the Middle East

*Role as US marines return

*Ken Lally voice work in campaign

*Release is set for sometime in November

*New army tags will be available to add different elements in campaign (similar to halo skulls)

*Campaign-only weapons

Thoughts? Do you think these are legit?   read

10:47 PM on 02.23.2009

MLG get a play of Assembly from Halo 3’s Mythic Map Pack

Being the pioneers for competitive Halo 3 and all, MLG are pretty hooked up with Bungie. So it comes as no surprise that the developers gave out a code or two to the Major League Gaming guys and they’ve decided to showcase one of their personal favourites: Assembly.

With the help of Forgers and Game testers, slight adjustments were made to fit MLG’s competitive standards and then the games commenced. Capture the flag, Oddball and Team Slayer were put under the microscope on the new map, which is scheduled to be released along with two others – Orbital and Sandbox – come March 3rd (alternatively, they come as a bonus with Halo Wars, scheduled for a February 27th release).

You can find the gameplays here, with each game type coming from a different players perspective. Will you be buying the Mythic Map Pack?   read

7:49 PM on 02.20.2009

Sketchy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 screen has popped up

We're all looking forward to Modern Warfare 2. Despite Martyrdom possibly making a return, and despite Juggernaut still Juggernauting around, the prospect of improving on the truly superb Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is nothing but pleasing. Saying this, Infinity Ward will probably go and do an Epic Games and make their sequel the biggest pile of balls since a Ferrero Roche stand.

Anyway, this pic has summoned itself on Twitter courtesy of fourzerotwos Twitter account. Can you spot anything cool in it?   read

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