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My new home?!?

A blogging refugee from the disaster that is now the new, looking for a new home to write in whatever community will accept him.

Currently in the lower rung of the vid-game industry who uses the likes of Podtoid, RetroforceGO!, and Podcastle to keep him company throughout the slow days.

Also a Wii, PS3 and gaming PC owner (WiiS3C if you will) and loving every second of that shiny obsidian box.

2009 is all about taking care of my "gaming queue" (List o' games to beat).

PSN ID: Strider_X_515
STEAM: StriderX515

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Wow. It took me at least 15 minutes of staring blankly at my laptop screen to come up with that title.

If you're reading this now and wondering why I haven't blown your mind yet, it's because I just moved in and I have yet to meet the neighbors.

Like it says in my profile, I'm actually new to the community after leaving my 1up blog behind. No, I'm not some industry blogger who used to write for 1up or the formerly known EGM (RIP EGM!). I was just some dude, always writing something just to blow off some steam and for some reason ended up making a video game reference or two with my rants and raves. I only had a handful of blog friends, mostly the editors of EGM, and probably, two fans of my writing. I didn't really care who read, or if in fact my thoughts were being read. I just cared that my ideas got out of my system and on to some medium in text form. And after about 63 posts later and the buy out of for reasons that I think (for the sake of a better word) stupid, I would pay my respects to EGM by moving out of there and refusing to have my thoughts and ideas owned by that other company.

About a month and a half of looking for potential places to get my ideas out and stay close to the subject I love, it dawned on me.

"Hey wait a minute, I didn't know Destructoid had a community blog thing too....".

Believe it or not, I made the discovery while looking for past episodes of RetroforceGO! I literally stumbled on the whole blog thing like a fat kid tripping over the root of a chocolate tree and landing in a river of cake. Sweet, sweet cake. Yum.

I still think this idea of a "shared blog" thing is a little daunting. I was used to the whole "nah, no one will read my's too awesome to be read by the public" thing back at 1up where I felt my text was in its own little bubble and people would just pass on by, go "eh" and move on. But you know shit is serious when the hints for blogging imply that "new users should read the survival guide or else ye be thrown into the mouth of the Gentlemen Dinosaur."

Don't worry, I'll try to keep it updated. And my stuff gets better as I go along. I have proof! -->

References available on request.

Also, I just beat Resistance 2...about two hours ago. No joke, first time.

My game queue is getting shorter. I'm coming for you MGS4!!!

God I need to play some Killzone 2 already =(