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StriderHoang avatar 6:10 PM on 09.03.2012  (server time)
The Write Stuff of August - Under new menagerie

I think the Write Stuff is great idea for a column. Unfortunately, its need for me to read and write for a long period of time, which is something that is very limited for me, makes it very difficult to fit into my daily life.

So the rules are going to change. The Write Stuff will no longer a planned weekly column (the key word being planned, because obviously it hasn't been). Instead, it will be a monthly column, much like Atlum's incredibly well planned Cblog Analytics. With a hopeful change in pace comes a change in format. Instead of picking and choosing blogs for the week, I'll pick blogs over the course of the month that fit what I think deserves to be spotlighted as per the Write Stuff's purpose. And as we near the end of the month, what is chosen is not set in stone. If new material shows up that I think (or you think) deserves to go up, I'll slowly pick and chose once again.

Basically, as the Write Stuff becomes monthly, I'll develop it over the course of the month with my choices, basically 4 to 5 per category. And if new notable choices appear, they may replace what I've already chosen in the past. Then when the end of the month rolls around, the Write Stuff will pop up! Easy peezy, lemon parcheesey!

A writer has many allegiances depending on how many bills he intends to pay. Ideally, one could write for one media outlet and swear loyalty to this one source. But people like freelancers and unemployed hobos with laptops can write and post for a number of sources.

It's not a bad thing to show what you've been working on for one place to another place with a potentially different demographic or voice. As long as you make it clear that your material has been cross-posted, good content is good content then! The problem comes from meshing the voice with a different place and engaging your audience.

A lot of the things I cross-post are topics that can engage the reader, regardless of where they're reading it, and having them comment to express their own opinion. However, more personal blogs about my life, especially my life as a gamer, stays here in Destructoid. At Bitmob, a serious tone rules and usually if a story idea is picked up there, the lose attitude on language I'm comfortable with here gets edited out for Bitmob's more sophisticated voice.

The same applies for posts involving multimedia like video. Simply posting a video by itself isn't done anywhere. You should lead it with an introduction to get the reader interested in reading, rather than just treating them as a statistic for your view count. Engagement is important as a writer. Are you one? Or are you just some PR number cruncher?

Wrench makes magic. Dark magic

I think the number one reason why I like Wrench's blogs is because they're so in-depth and well paced. His blogs are lengthy yet never go on forever. They get down to the nitty-gritty of the deepest game mechanics without sounding like jargon. He writes about what he's into, with what he knows best, and can draw you in with his knowledge and experience while painting and image of the game without even seeing it in motion.

Zombie Orwell's high brow, verbose journal

Zombie Orwell always goes through great pains to keep his vocabulary sharp as a tack, and I honestly respect that. At other times, it's genuinely impressive. We're all used to the written voice throwing around curse words with reckless abandon but how often do you hear Chicago's uber-gentrified Andersonville neighborhood?

Anyone could say that Chicago, Andersonville is rich. But using an esoteric word like gentrified? Many of the sentences take the high road in word choice, which is funny when you contrast it against the subject matter of Boner Quest HD and the writer is a zombie.

Handy's shoving those words in my face

Handy made quite the welcome splash back into the cblogs a while back and Altum Videtur asked me to take notice. But if there's one thing I always think to myself when it comes to writing, it's commas. I like to imagine if Handy were talking to me, he'd be putting those legal jargon fast talkers to shame. Of course, it's not a fair assessment as Handy probably isn't thinking of writing the way he talks. I feel like there's tons of information and anecdotes for me to push through. He has a point he wants to make but I can't help but feel he could have trimmed some fat.

Doggerel forgot about line breaks

We've been on this topic before really. And Doggerel's blog is here for a reason. His topic about cannon fodder enemies is actually really intriguing. I didn't want to read the wall of text at first. But it's a good blog when you get past how much eye strain you'll probably get.

Not sure if ShuzBallz is serious or-

Here at Destructoid, there is a wide variety of different stories and articles with a different point. Just look at SephyX's promoted blog and you can see that Minecraft and DayZ are two completely different games. The complaints he lodges are justifiable but the article can't be taken seriously at an argumentative level. It's supposed to be enjoyable satire. Then the front page comments set in.

My point is, I cannot tell if ShuzBallz blog is a serious opinions piece or if it was made in satire. Archived blogs shows that he isn't prone to doing blogs for the lulz. Regardless of tone though, the punctuation, grammar, and tone all frankly made me rage. When this was sent to me, I honestly couldn't get past the first few sentences before I had to turn on my iTunes for something to soothe my soul. This isn't a Naruto Genin Reject. This is something special.

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