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StriderHoang avatar 11:21 PM on 12.02.2011  (server time)
Late night thoughts: Modern Warfare 3, more writing, and work

It's another night with no clear focus of how I'm going to cram all my work in. So I'm gonna procrastinate and type out a late night thoughts while I consider the possibility of doing that work. Because frankly, I don't really understand how I'm this busy and I don't even have a full-time career yet. What the hell? I only have a part-time, seasonal job, and several different places to submit articles to.

Hurrdurr, Modern Warfare 3

I didn't originally plan on buying Modern Warfare 3. The Call of Duty franchise has always driven me crazy because my skill and wins were never consistent. It was always .90 KDRs and crazy spawn traps and deathstreaks.

But this game. This game is so infuriating. 80% of my deaths are from being shot in the back. The remaining 20% is from being shot in the face as my connection makes it look like I'm slow on the draw.

This is what CoD has always driven me up the wall about. I see a guy, I pull the trigger, he pulls the trigger, then the game arbitrarily decides the other guy had the better connection and therefore shot me first.

The first hour today, I was climbing the walls in rage. It didn't matter if I checked my corners or my turns. As soon as I picked a path, it was like an episode of Scooby-Doo, with people popping out of every other possible path and shooting into my back. That's Scooby Dooby Doo, with guns folks.

After about an hour, I thought I'd move on to Spec Ops due to the amount of bullshit-ery I was experiencing.

Then I unlocked Steady Aim.

Well, to be more exact, I gained several unlocks that made the experience a lot smoother. Steady Aim, Hardline Pro, the PP90, and the idea to run my old lazy man's killstreak set up: 3-4-5 with Hardline.

Well, I guess I'll keep playing.

So. Much. Writing.

I don't really see where all this writing is coming from. I don't even have a proper career and I've decided to shift focus on writing for SRK.

You see, for SRK, I can either news blog if no one else claims the news or write original content like an editorial. But there's always someone at the wheel taking the news. So I've shifted to doing original content because I simply can't compete.

But even by controlling my output to only editorials, I seem swamped. I have stuff I need to write to stay active on Destructoid, content to contribute to Nerd Vice, videos for my YouTube channel, not to mention caps every week.

Oh yeah, I'm also ghost writing for a friend of my sister. Apparently, I need to write an essay about Asian immigration. At first, I was charging $35 for the three pages and the research she had on hand.

Now, it's more. Because the client's scanner isn't working and I'm essentially writing this essay blind. So you bet your ass I'm gonna charge out the wazoo for this paper. And she has no choice but to depend on me and my rates cause the paper's due in three nights.

Can you believe I don't even have a proper job in writing yet? Like, with a salary or even the ability to properly call myself a freelancer? I like to call myself a freelancer but who am I kidding? I'm not freelancing articles. I'm contributing articles.

Damn it feels good to be a banksta

I finally got paid today. In more places than one. I work seasonal (again) at a men's clothing store and got my first pay check for that. I also mentioned that I write for a small news blog (another place I write for by the way) and got my monthly payment from there.

The time is really running together now. Working 5 or 7 hours plus school on the other days and tons of outside writing to do, not to mention that I'm spending time writing this. It's amazing I found time to waste an hour of my life getting shot at on MW3. I wanted to play FNF tonight but don't have the time really. MNC goes untouched once again I see.

Then again, this was very theraputic. I'm finally in the mood to write that goddamn essay. If you've read this long, thanks for reading another edition of late night thoughts with Strider, and send help if you haven't heard from me in three days. I may be buried under a pile of paper.

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