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StriderHoang avatar 3:08 AM on 07.23.2011  (server time)
I'm Copying and Pasting (Most of) My Introduction Post

Greetings and freetings Dtoiders. I've known of your existence for a long time through the voodoo magic known as Google Reader and have started my blog, but have decided that like a prostitute, I might as well go all the way since I've probably contracted herpes at the halfway mark.

My name is Marcel, college graduate with a bachelor's in journalism. I know! Right? It sounded cool back in high school. Then the future comes along and doesn't even bother telling me no. It just gets onto my Facebook profile and posts that goddamn Nope.avi video. Not cool man, not cool. So if you see me talk about my unemployment, it's both a sarcastic jab at my self-esteem and an attempt at self-advertising.

I've been gaming since the Genesis days. Sonic was all that back then. Of course we all know he's regulated to to invitations from Mario to some parties and cash grabs nowadays. Speaking of nowadays, I have an Xbox 360, a Nintendo DSi, and have some titles on Steam.

I'm a fan of good shooters (Go ahead and suggest Black Ops. I'll humor you) and fighting games though nothing really deters me from playing other games except for sports games. I don't understand sports. To give you an idea of my strike zone, I'll be picking up Catherine soon.

I discovered Dtoid through my sister, who actually has nothing to do with Dtoid or video games. She was just helping me in my unemployment and thought I could stay sharp by participating in the Dtoid community. It has now been 9 months since she told me to join Dtoid and I decided it would be a good idea. Also, I'm still jobless.

Whatever! Jobs are overrated anyways! I don't even wanna work at some cool magazine like EGM or some website like Gamesradar! I'll be fine at some dead end cashier job! But we'll have blackjack! And hookers! In fact, forget the blackjack!

Anyways, I've thrown my crap on any wall that sticks. Blogger, Bitmob, YouTube, Twitter. I use the same goddamn handle for convenience's sake, so if you Google my name, you'll probably find me. Here's looking at you Dtoid! I'll be letting my brain throw up its literature all over you walls now! And there ain't nothing you can do to stop me! Except ban me maybe.

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