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StriderHoang avatar 3:11 AM on 10.29.2012
Finn and Flame Princess's Big Disney Adventure [picspam]

This past weekend, I celebrated both my girlfriend's birthday and the approaching Halloween by going to Disneyland dressed as characters from Adventure Time. I went dressed as Finn the Human and my girlfriend made her own dress to go as Flame Princess. How did we do that? I work at Disneyland. We went to California Adventure, to be exact. And it helps that I work there specifically too.

I've talked about the perks of working at the Disneyland Resorts before but things made our birthday/Halloween excursion interesting. For the holiday season, I get 40% merchandise, we managed to get quite a few goodies for super low. It goes without saying that I got us in for free. Dtoid doesn't have multi-picture uploading back, and I'm not interested in a good old fashion picspam. Instead, I'll post highlights of the day here, picspam style, and you can check the rest out on my album's public url. Here ya go!

Flame Princess puts on her finishing touches before heading out.

Finn and FP pose in front of Route 66, right outside the new Cars Land!

My favorite scene in all of Cars Land

I'm so freaking all about fish dude!

The big wheel and bay beckons!


Flame Princess is near water!?

He even fought a bear!

"My hat is awesome!"

Mickey's good at the drums

The Three Caballeros!

I'm gonna wreck it!

Fancy, romantic dinner

End the night with a late night showing of World of Color! You won't believe it unless you see it in person

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